Tom Hardy Celebrates Wrapping Production On Venom

Venom embarked on a journey back in October to help Sony branch out their Marvel Spider-Man properties. Now that journey appears to be coming to fruition with principal photography believed to have been concluded for Ruben Fleischer's upcoming superhero installment, seeing star Tom Hardy release a series of Instagram posts celebrating the collective work of the cast and crew for the blockbuster.

Post production will see a number of edits and CGI effects being brought into the fold, helping to elevate the spectacle and ensure that Sony's vision for their own standalone franchise actually pays off. This length of time for a 3-month shoot is not uncommon in the genre but unlike other Marvel productions within the MCU, details surrounding characters, story and a general tone for the feature have remained secret.

Hardy Thankful For His Team of Venom Legends

Giving special props to cinematographerΒ Matthew Libatique, Hardy would gather a number of key members behind the scenes for some snaps on the set in San Francisco. Whilst this will be the city in focus for the movie, other scenes had to be undertaken in Atlanta while New York City was also secured as a backdrop.

"Wrapped SAN Fran Jam DuN," Hardy posted. "Sound Team Venom MVP crew shout out to all the crew on Antidote legends all. Outstanding work team. Thank you all. Am humbled and absolute Honour and a privilege. You killed it. Smashed that Thank you for letting me run with you."

Outside of one massive promotional push during Brazil Comic-Con, the Venom team have remained very secretive about their operation, even keeping the characters of Riz Ahmed and Woody Harrelson away from the public forum. This includes the identity of the central antagonist of the piece, with Carnage said to be the main villain for a movie that will take its inspiration from the comic series Venom: The Lethal Protector.

First Glimpse Of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel

It might not be much, but ET would manage to find some footage of Brie Larson on the Marvel set for 2019's Captain Marvel. Sporting the very same green suit that was leaked online last week, the actress was in an ass kicking mood as she flipped a would be assailant.

The powers of Carol Danvers surpass what many other Marvel superheroes are capable of, and clearly this was on show with just the touch of her hand. The color of the suit will also hold relevance to the comic book diehards who will recognize that Marvel's Kree origins should see a movie that focuses on her coming of age.

Source: MovieWeb