Blade Runner 2049 Director Confirms R-Rating And Leads Sci-Fi Reboot of Dune

Denis Villeneuve is hot property in Hollywood right now. Having helmed the highly successful production of Arrival in 2016. Now the director has decided to ink a deal with Legendary to reboot the 1984 David Lynch cult classic Dune. The director hopes to back to life a science fiction flick that included an ensemble of big names like Patrick Stewart, Sting, Paul Smith, Leonardo Cimino and Fracesca Annis among others.

The recent science fiction blockbuster starring Amy Adams not only made $142.2m from their $47m budget, but received high critical acclaim in the process. All while breathing life into an alien arrival genre that has been derided since Independence Day and Contact made a splash in the 90s. Set in a distant future where families are fighting on a desert planet called Arrakis, the film was both a commercial and critical disappointment in spite of the names attached. This will provide an opportunity for Villeneuve to succeed where Lynch failed.

Overlapping Themes With Another Sci-Fi Reboot

Blade Runner

Consistent among many movies that have a post apocalyptic world in the sci-fi genre, topics around politics, religion and the human condition are always present and Dune should be no different. Villeneuve is a man who should be very comfortable and familiar in these surroundings. Taking the director's chair for the highly anticipated sequel Blade Runner 2049, which will make it's debut on October 6, 2017.

With the teaser trailer dropping this week to show an aged Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard alongside Ryan Gosling, we were only given a small glimpse into the production. A sequel that will also feature Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Lennie James and Guardians of the Galaxy's own Dave Bautista. Comprising a haunting soundtrack and incredible graphics and cinematography, it should be one hell of a ride to look forward to next year.

2049 To Receive R-Rating

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049

While Frank Herbert's novel of Dune gets a makeover, fans of the upcoming Gosling-Ford blockbuster can rest assured in the knowledge the flick won't be a watered down version suitable for families. Blade Runner 2049 was confirmed to carry an R-rating, veering away from a PG-13 classification that would have limited the scope for Villeneuve to work his magic properly.

Deadpool is seen as the reference point for production companies to be brave enough to have more foul language, violence and sexual themes to treat the audience as adults. Fortunately for all concerned, next year's sequel will be true to the original by exploring those dark themes without a filter.

Source: THR, THR