Zazie Beetz Opens Up About Deadpool 2 Stunt Death

The loss of Jo Harris on the set of Deadpool 2 was incredibly sudden and sobering for so many people. Not only did the stunt crash appear to happen in a relatively innocuous and therefore preventable fashion, but it offered a timely reminder just how dangerous the stunt craft can be.

As cast member Zazie Beetz hit the red carpet to celebrate her role in the Donald Glover series Atlanta, the actress was visibly shook by the tragedy. Despite the time that has passed, the fact that Harris was portraying her character Domino only offers more relevance between the pair.

D2 Crew Bond Through Adversity

Deadpool 2 Domino

Stopped by Entertainment Weekly, Harris's name would be brought up. For Beetz, the emotion was raw.

"It really rocked our boat, and still is," she admitted. "It changed a lot in our production, changed a lot in the film. That week, we shut down production for a few days and then we came together and it actually really did bring the cast sort of to this same place and we had a memorial for her. Yeah, it was very sad. It was a very strange time and still is - like, it's still the same with us, and for the stunt community, too, there I dunno I just want to say like, we're really proud of our stunt team and they're a fantastic team. I just really want people to know that wasn't supposed to happen. And we're a really good team."

Just the discussion itself brought back a lot of painful memories for the 26-year old. She will never forget the contribution Harris made to the title.

"I'm proud of our crew and I pray for Joi's family. You know, she was a Domino, so I feel kind-of connected to her."

Before the tragedy was talked about, Beetz outlined her experience alongside Ryan Reynolds and the Marvel cast. With just a handful of television roles to call upon, this was an eyeopener of grand proportions.

"It's hard!" she exclaimed. "I've been training a lot and I am not naturally one to gym, so that's been a learning experience. Honestly though it is amazing watching Ryan (Reynolds) do his thing. He is genuinely incredibly talented. It's pretty impressive to watch. He's just really good. This is the biggest thing I've done so I'm sort of observing. It's been a good vibe set to learn on with a lot of really talented people."

Cable Cracks In New JB Post

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A fresh image has emerged to be the latest offering from Deadpool 2. Using Josh Brolin's personal Instagram account, he would showcase himself as Cable, screaming into a broken mirror with a cut, bruised and broken face.

The black and white portrait is a stripped-back image that certainly amps up the intensity.

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Deadpool 2 will be released on June 1, 2018.

Source: Entertainment Tonight