Will Smith Earmarked For Genie Role In Aladdin Reboot

Any reimagining of Aladdin would require some serious star power to live up to the first musical installment. And that appears to be exactly what Disney are banking on as they remake the old tale. According to a new report from Deadline this week, the website has identified none other than The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in Will Smith for a key role.

The 48-year old Men in Black and Bad Boys star has history with the children animation genre, slotting into the part as Oscar in the 2004 DreamWorks title Shark Tale. But for this live-action role, should he agree terms with the studio following talks beginning this week, Smith would be stepping into the shoes of the Genie that was perfected by Robin Williams in the 1992 original.

Smith Looking To Cash In On Disney Game

Aladdin Genie

The former rapper of Will 2K and Gettin' Jiggy Wit It fame will be utilized for two key attributes. His acting and musical skills. Smith won't have much time to deliberate with the offer on the table however, with production expected to get underway this coming July in the United Kingdom. All before a 6-month process ensues, leaving little time to read over the details and be involved with any other passion project.

Following the critical flop that was the 2016 drama Collateral Beauty, the actor will be fronting the 2017 Netflix blockbuster Bright, a title that subscribers can stream this coming December. Playing the part as LAPD cop Scott Ward alongside Orc cop Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), Smith linked up again with his Suicide Squad filmmaker David Ayer for the futuristic fantasy thriller that won't have a theatrical release. With so many action credits to his name, an inclusion in a musical like Aladdin would be a change of pace that he is probably searching for. Especially at this point in his career.

Disney Fresh With Beauty and Beast Cash For Reboot

Aladdin Wallpaper

Disney cannot go wrong with any creative decision they have in the near future. Still swimming in the cash brought about by the incredible commercial success that is Beauty and the Beast, the studio are wanting to replicate the animation to live-action remake model yet again.

The 1992 edition made a remarkable $504.1m from its $28m budget, paving the way for the likes of Toy Story and others that meshed a classic children's story with a tone and humor that is still appropriate for many older viewers. Passing the $1b mark with their 2017 musical, Smith won't be the last big name linked to the reboot.

Source: Deadline