Whole Cast Coming Back For Baywatch 2 Sequel

Less than a single week into their run at the box office, Paramount Pictures are believed to be developing a second installment of Baywatch. Rebooting the 90s television series that showcased a sexier version of the lifeguard lifestyle, Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and co. are said to have signed onto the sequel. All prior to any consensus from moviegoers that the idea is actually worth exploring.

Johnson's own schedule is jam-packed with various Hollywood projects, ranging from the video game adaptation Rampage to DC's Black Adam. But the studio and cast are clearly confident in their potential to make more cash, as producer Beau Flynn offered Variety an update on the matter.

Franchise Frenzy Coming to the Bay

Flynn told the publication that screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift are already hunkering down to develop the narrative. One that the filmmaker is already confident enough to plug in public.

"We have an amazing story already," he asserted. "We're bringing back Shannon and Swift who wrote on the first one, and I know Dwayne would be in, I know Zac and all the girls would be. We just have this really cool idea to put them in this whole new world. We would take it overseas."

Playing the part of CJ Parker vacated by Pamela Anderson, Kelly Rohrbach put her hand up to return for more beach-side shenanigans.

"Of course! I couldn't have asked for a better cast on my first film. These guys are awesome. They're hilarious, they're loving, they're generous. We really were a family and I think that comes through on the screen, as well."

Rounding out the affirmative responses was Alexandra Daddario.

"Yes! I would love to," the actor remarked. "I think it's very cool to be part of a franchise, and I think it helps get other work. It's fun. You get to travel the world and work with these amazing people, and you get to make people laugh, so I'm completely down for it."

Has The Cast Been Concealed From Review Response?

Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch

It appears the only parties interested in a Baywatch 2 are those involved in front and behind the camera of the original. The R-rated romp was castigated by reviewers as they collectively argued the picture was a lame, cheesy excuse of a title that didn't know what it wanted to be. Written off for its use of lazy gags and boner jokes, it is difficult to contemplate how a sequel could be entertained so soon after this barrage of criticism.

For those hoping Johnson and Efron put their talents to better use, the sequel could fall short in purely financial terms. From a $69m budget, the movie has essentially bombed at the box office. So far only securing $23.6m in the first week. The audience has spoken, but are Paramount listening?

Source: Variety