Watch Doctor Strange Explain The Marvel Universe and Improvise End Scene Sequence

If you stop for one moment to consider the size and magnitude of the MCU, it is fair to say that the scope of the universe is well beyond the comprehension of most viewers who stop by once a year to take in a superhero movie. With the introduction of Doctor Strange into the fold in 2016, Benedict Cumberbatch's cocky surgeon turned time warp master manages to cut through the confusion courtesy of a new featurette from Marvel.

As the DVD and Blu-ray release on February 14 will offer fans more of an insight into the blockbuster, the Englishman outlined a number of details regarding the complexities of the MCU and how the theories of science have played a part. It is clearly a work of fiction, but for those that allow their imagination to run free, the possibilities are endless.

Two Places At Once - Separating Fact From Fiction

Fronting the extra for the DVD copy, Cumberbatch throws around a number of concepts that are key to the Doctor Strange world. Starting way back with the 2008 edition of Iron Man, it is fair to say that Marvel has expanded their horizons.

"What if your universe was just one of many?" pondered Cumberbatch. "A multiverse - would time be the same there? Would it flow as freely as water in any direction? Could travel between those realities be possible? What if you could be in two places at once - your physical self in one, an astral projection in another. What if all of this wasn't what if at all? There are dangers yes, but wonders too - and power, so much power. And in the wrong hands, anything could happen."

Not Just A Pretty Face For Ben and Chris

Executive producer Stephen Broussard could not have given any more glowing praise to Chris Hemsworth and Benedict Cumberbatch if he tried, fronting a second featurette on the end tag scene to close Doctor Strange. Going into detail about their banter on and off camera, the filmmaker believes the Englishman and Aussie are the full package when it comes to star power.

"When it comes to our tags," starts Broussard, "we don't often script them out or necessarily know when we start shooting, what the tags are going to be. Late into the shooting of (Doctor) Strange, the Thor: Ragnarok script was coming together and as we were reading it we said, 'This scene could be hilarious, wouldn't it be funny to answer the question right away - what's it going to be like when Doctor Strange enters the Marvel universe?' I'm not sure if they (Hemsworth and Cumberbatch) met before, but they got along great and I think people are starting to learn this about Chris and they'll soon know this about Benedict Cumberbatch - they are both hilarious. They both have the best comedic timing, especially for guys known as dramatic actors and action stars."

Source: Gizmodo, /FILM