Tragedy Strikes Deadpool 2 Set As Stunt Driver Dies

Cast and crew from Deadpool 2 have been left in a state of shock as one of their stunt members tragically lost their life on set this week. According to People, the deceased has been identified as Joi “SJ” Harris. A brash and bold African American road racer who lost control of her motorcycle speeding down a set of stairs.

Harris hailed from New York City and acted as something of a trail blazer for women of color in the racing community. The film had been amping up their action sequences for the blockbuster, with a stunt double for Josh Brolin's Cable spotted performing a flip over a giant tank in the middle of Vancouver.

A Dark Day That Will Leave a Lasting Impact

Just hours after the incident occurred, Ryan Reynolds took to social media to issue a statement.

"Today, we tragically lost a member of the crew while filming Deadpool. We're heartbroken, shocked, and devastated... but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them - along with each and every person that she touched in this world."

For Josh Brolin, he knew the impact Harris had around production without having ever met her personally.

"We are mourning the death of a beautiful woman who died tragically this morning on our set," he wrote. "I had never met her but I know that she was a friend, a sister, a daughter, and a mentor. Through those eyes affected so deeply and intimately by her, it is a darker day. And the heart breaks and will slowly mend together as time sews beautiful memories honoring her. My heart goes out to her family and those friends who are obviously devastated at this heartbreaking news. Our prayers and condolences."

An Awful Reminder of Stunt Dangers

Deadpool 2

This news would closely follow the passing of John Bernecker, a stuntman who passed away on set of The Walking Dead in Atlanta. Tom Cruise would be far luckier just days earlier, falling short of his mark for a jump on the set of Mission: Impossible 6.

The studio 20th Century Fox issued a brief statement.

"We are deeply saddened by the accident that occurred on the set of Deadpool 2 this morning. Our hearts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of our crew member during this difficult time."

With details understandably withheld, one eyewitness outlined how Harris' actions actually prevented others from being hurt or killed. This is what Nathan Kramchynski told Metro News.

“She came out, went down the two flights of stairs, and it looked like she kind of hit the throttle because she picked up speed,” he remarked. “She was going full throttle (but she) missed two pedestrians.”