Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Audition With Iron Man and Captain America

For the A-list stars of Hollywood, reading a script to audition for a role is not a part of the process they have to endure. Once they reach that elite status, the stress and tension of competing for a job is no longer a factor in their career.

This is what 20-year old Englishman Tom Holland had to experience. As he was pitted with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans ahead of his debut for Captain America: Civil War. Only a matter of weeks from taking Peter Parker on his standalone adventure for Spider-Man: Homecoming, the actor recalled the moment and what was going through his head during a secretive and ultimately successful venture.

Holland: The Audition Was It's Own Reward

Reliving the moment he was put forward by his representatives for the superhero part, he outlined how it was a case of overcoming one hurdle after the next. All before he was in a room with the two icons.

"That was intense, man," he admitted. "I was shooting other movies at the time, so I was lucky because I was sort of preoccupied. I think if I wasn’t working, I would’ve imploded just waiting to hear for this movie. I did two self takes with Joel Kinnaman cause I was making a movie with him. Then I did two self takes with Jon Bernthal, and then I did another self take on my own, and then finally came out here to screen test with Robert (Downey Jr.) and Chris (Evans). That for me was a good enough of an experience as itself.

I didn’t need to get the movie. I was so happy to have just gotten that far, and to have worked with Robert and Chris, I was happy to just sort of go home. But when this job came in, I’ve never been happier. It was the craziest day of my life, it was insane. And we were waiting around for what felt like months before I found out."

Holland Wasn't Told the Part

Although he had his suspicions, the Englishman was not told outright that it was Peter Parker he was specifically auditioning for.

"My audition scene, God. The first three weren’t from Spider-Man, they were from, um, it might have been from Whiplash, one of the scenes. The scene between Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. Then there were a few Spider-Man scenes, and it was funny because my agents at one point were like, 'We don’t know who you’re auditioning for.' I was like, 'But my lines are for Spider-Man— so who else could I possibly be auditioning for?' They were like, 'We don’t know.' So I sort of clocked on then that it was for Spider-Man, but they were so sort of made-up scenes. Nothing from the movie. But then my final audition with Robert was a scene that was in Civil War between the two of us."

Homecoming To Venture To New Levels

Working with another newcomer in filmmaker Jon Watts, Holland explained that the third reboot of the character was about reinventing many aspects of the webbed hero. Whether it be the stunts that were utilized or the technology he would use to get the most out of the suit, the actor was adamant that the fans won't go home disappointed.

"We really pushed Spider-Man to new limits, and there are things we definitely have not seen before, some of the abilities. And it’s really fun. We had a month before shooting where we just prepped stunts, and we trained and trained...  I’m definitely excited for you guys to see stuff that Spider-Man has never done before."

Spider-Man: Homecoming premieres in the United States July 6, 2017.

Source: Collider