Tom Holland Lets Slip How Many Spider-Man Flicks He Will Do

According to THR, Tom Holland has dropped something of a bombshell to announce his duration in the Spider-Man costume. Fresh from landing the role to debut in Captain America: Civil War, before beginning his solo journey via Homecoming next year, the young Brit failed to keep his cards close to his chest as he spilled the beans on his personal schedule.

Taking on the Peter Parker role at an early age will allow a level of growth a maturity. All while fans watch his development from emerging player to a concrete stalwart of the Avengers movement. But just how long will this last?

Holland Given His Pick By Marvel As Talks Contract Length

Spider-Man Homecoming

Outlining that the studios give a level of flexibility to the performers, Holland went on to explain what he has in store so far.

"They (Marvel) give you options and those could be exercised whenever. Like a cameo in Avengers," said the Brit. "I'm unclear as to which movies though. I do know I have three Spider-Man (appearances in other) movies and three solo movies contracted. But if you have another movie, Marvel is so good at working around it. They’re very respectful of your life, really. They understand that you have to work on other movies, and they try and fix it up so you can work around each other."

With one down already and one about to hit the big screen, we can pencil down at least four more appearances with maybe a surprise or two thrown in.

Actor Gives Views On Why Spider-Man Pulls His Punches

Tom Holland Spider-Man

If you're expecting a lot of heavy hits and fisty cuffs in Spider-Man: Homecoming, then Tom Holland says you are in the wrong theater. He instead believes there is an innocence to the character, at least in the early stages, and that makes him less prone to the norms of fighting.

"You've seen the billionaire, the scientist, the soldier. Now it's time to see the kid," begins the 20-year old. "And every decision we make on set is based off how would a kid react in this situation, so every fight scene we have is designed in a way that's almost child-friendly, so he never actually punches anyone. It's all done kind of by accident. I think the biggest difference is his youth and innocence."