Thor Stars In New Spin Off Mockumentary

In between takes of shooting for his Marvel franchise, the God of Thunder went back down under as he takes some well earned time off from his busy schedule. Spending time with his new roommate Darryl Jacobson, Thor opened up on the couch about his new surroundings while attempting to elbow in on Tony Stark and Bruce Banner's personal adventures.

This new Mockumentary is in aid of promoting the upcoming DVD release of Captain America: Civil War, as the studio's tongue was firmly in their cheek to explain his absence from the movie. The spoof is a light-hearted send up of the man that takes himself very seriously and a return to the comedy world for Chris Hemsworth following his cameo in the Ghostbusters reboot this year.

Mark Ruffalo Joins In The Frivolity

Doing a send up of The Office and Modern Family, Thor let people in on his life away from the spotlight with his new companion. "I guess I'm just taking a break, you have this really cool adventure saving earth and I was pretty happy," said the superhero. "Anyway so I needed some me time and I came to Australia and that is when I moved in with ... Darryl!"

The mystical hammer-wielding warrior now apparently fills in his days teaching elementary students, emailing Captain America and Iron Man as well as having awkward conversations over coffee with Bruce Banner. Good to see Mr. Ruffalo is enjoying himself with the Hulk - wonder when his spin off is coming?

Thor: Ragnarok To Feature New Faces


While the star of the show is busy taking trips to school and the local cafe, Marvel are busy finalizing the cast for his next feature film Thor: Ragnarok. According to The Hollywood Reporter, fellow Australian Cate Blanchett alongside Jeff Goldblum and Tessa Thompson are set to take their places in the picture.

With a release date of November 3 2017 already earmarked, fans of the franchise will have to do with little teasers from Thor like this until next year eventually rolls around. If the remainder of the DVD extras are half as entertaining as this snippet, it will well be worth the purchase.