Terminator 6: James Cameron Scores Deadpool Director For Gig

Just when you thought the franchise was dead and buried, along comes James Cameron to resuscitate it back to life despite all the odds. This week, the man that brought us TitanicTrue Lies and The Abyss has reinvigorated a series that he masterminded back in 1984. And which franchise is that? The one hard-R classic courtesy of the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster The Terminator.

At this very juncture, Terminator 6 is nothing more than words on a page. If that. And, while there is lightyears left to create something meaningful that will give moviegoers hope, Cameron has made the diligent decision to bring Tim Miller on board. This is the same Miller who was the architect behind Marvel's Deadpool. Allowing Ryan Reynolds to live out his vision and excel in the process.

More Questions Than Answers For Proposed Reboot


What we know to date is that Cameron will take the reigns from 2019 onward. But not in the director's chair, instead choosing the position of either producer or executive producer. The news that Tim Miller would cash in his chips and jump aboard a franchise that was all but gone following on from the flop that was 2015's Terminator Genisys is a major surprise. As the announcement opens up a plethora of possibilities without any concrete answers.

That previous installment didn't work with a global audience or critics and, while the studio had earmarked two more sequels, that noise has gone dead silent. Now the original filmmaker is stepping back into the breach to save what he had made. Going on to create the universally popular Terminator 2: Judgment Day back in 1991, catapulting the action genre back into the limelight and etching the Terminator franchise into the history books.

Fall From Grace: Miller and Cameron Have Much Work Ahead

Terminator Genisys

Setting a benchmark back in 1991 that has rarely been surpassed by any film of that type, the drop in standards came 12 years later courtesy of 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. With a cast that boasted the likes of Kristanna Loken, Nick Stahl and Homeland's Claire Danes, the picture managed expectations at the box office and even satisfied a healthy amount of the critics. But it wasn't even close to the quality of it's predecessor.

6 years later in 2009, McG took the series into the dystopian future via Terminator Salvation. Where John Connor (Christian Bale) was leading the human resistance. And, while the concept had the best of intentions, the most memorable event in that motion picture was the drama the lead got himself in whilst shooting. If Cameron and Miller can save this franchise from it's current standing, they are truly Hollywood miracle workers.

Source: /FILM