Taika Waititi Teases Korg Appearance in Thor: Ragnarok

Giving hints and clues and riddles on social media is the hot new thing. After seeing Zack Snyder test his followers on Instagram, Taika Waititi is trying the same tactic. No, we can't expect a sequel to What We Do in the Shadows. Sorry. But we may have been given more intel on Thor: Ragnarok.

That, or the director may have been amused by a funny coincidence. What are the odds that there is a keyboard brand named "Korg"? Pretty dang good actually. Korg is a maker of keyboards and all accessories that come with them. So, for now, we are thinking 50/50 on whether coincidence or important reveal.

Korg a Possibility in Thor: Ragnarok

Or maybe we are reading the Instagram photo entirely wrong and it's a hint that a scene will feature Marvel's first gay character. Say yay for gay wedding cake! No? Hmmmm.

Either way, it's hard to say. But fanboys would like to think that this is a nice reveal from Taika Waititi's Instagram page. And what a page it is. Unlike a lot of other Hollywood talent, who dedicate their page to their work, Waititi's seems just as focused on his lifestyle as much as his current projects. The post below, however, is definitely film related. Give it a gander:

Watch this space... #Ragnarok

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So, if Korg is a possibility, who was the rock creature we saw in Thor: The Dark World? The giant rock creature that Thor easily dispatches -- humorously might I add -- was assumed to be Korg. For a character that does have importance in Marvel comics, the demise seemed a bit mean. But, with the suggestion that Korg is making an appearance in Ragnarok, we are now thinking something different. The scene discussed could have just served as an introduction to the Kronan race.

Korg in Thor: The Dark World

Korg Resurrected

While we are still pretty sure the creature shown was Korg, we can suspend belief and decide that it was instead a Kronan soldier with the exact same fashion sense. A slight stretch of the imagination, I know, but this is a comicbook movie after all. With the return of Korg, there are plenty of storylines available for this Thor installment. Better yet, the character may have the opportunity to progress to the expanded Marvel universe. But who is this Korg?

Korg Marvel

Korg was a warrior in the Kronan army that came to Earth in hopes of invasion. The invasion failed, and Korg ended up a prisoner on planet Sakaar. After experiencing some of his own drama while there, Korg eventually meets and allies with the Hulk. As a result, the pair experience a lifelong friendship where they come to each others aid on multiple occasions. For you emotional types, it is later revealed that the Hulk saw Korg as family. Ahhhh.

Sounds like a good story, if Thor hadn't killed the character off like some meaningless extra. So here's to Zorg's resurrection, let's make it a good one. And another toast in hopes that the Hulk can some day forgive Thor for this entire Korg debacle.

Hulk Punches Thor Gif