What Does The Suicide Squad Extended Cut Tell Us What We Didn’t Know?

On one side of the fence, there are the diehard fans who cannot get enough Suicide Squad in their life. Then there are those happy to have never watched the DC installment or will keep a distance between them and anymore from the franchise. For those that fall into the former, they will be soaking up the extended cut of the movie. As Collider reports that this version has just been dropped on the public.

From elongating out moments we already saw, to parts where characters had further dialogue or expanded on their backstory, the footage is intended to give viewers that little bit more. But is it worth paying your hard earned money for?

Critics Slam New Cut - Buyer Beware

Suicide Squad

No. In short, avoid at all costs. Aside from seeing a bit more of Killer Croc, stretching out the escape scene, watching Harley trying to get the Joker to publicly admit his love to her and Quinn trying to psychoanalyze the group - it falls flat and runs contrary to the very idea of an extended cut.

Some critics even go as far to say that it is worse than the original, quite the feat given some of the responses. To demonstrate how poorly the feature performed, actor Jared Leto took the extraordinary step of slamming the movie for cutting his supposed best scenes from the film. Hopefully for his sake they all weren't thrown into this edition.

Can Harley Quinn Spinoff Rescue This Trainwreck?

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

So not filling in any plot points that are left unanswered or really adding anything of value in this cut, where does Suicide Squad go next? Well Margot Robbie's character is preparing herself for a spinoff as the Aussie will be able to provide an origin story that might have some worth.

Morning News USA reports that one of the characters has been scratched off the list for potential co-stars. Who you ask? The answer would be Catwoman. Yet the Birds of Prey are going to link up with the femme fatale for the blockbuster with the cast and plot details are still being kept under wraps in production.