Stranger Things Star David Harbour Now Linked With Cable Role For Deadpool 2

It's hard to know what there is more of in Hollywood these days. Ideas for gritty reboots of old classics or actors being touted for the Cable role in Deadpool 2. As for the latter, David Harbour this week is the latest name to come out of the Marvel hat, following in the footsteps of Kyle Chandler, Pierce Brosnan and Russell Crowe.

The latter was contacted on twitter by Deadpool comic book creator and huge Crowe fan Rob Liefeld. Intimating that he could be the perfect fit for the gruff, unapologetic and complex time traveling killer. But now the producers gaze has turned to the Stranger Things star, as a new report suggests the actor has already performed a screen test for 20th Century Fox in the part of Nathan Summers aka Cable.

Who Really Is The Best Fit?

Deadpool and Cable

Transitioning from the comic books to the motion pictures is a task that the filmmakers have to master. And, for the part of Cable, the role will largely live or die off the casting decision. It will also go a long way to judging what tone is utilized. Splintering off into the plain and down-the-middle with Chandler to something a little left of center via the likes of Brosnan or Crowe.

If the report from The Wrap is on the money, then Deadpool 2 won't be going out of their way to secure the biggest name possible for the part. Chandler was said to be on the nose of the creators and the main star himself. Seeing the speculation on his behalf cool down the moment Tim Miller walked away from directing duties as David Leitch filled the breach.

Reynolds: Deadpool Took 47 Rejections and 11 Years To Create


Out on the circuit to promote the movie Life, Reynolds said that the sheer process of making Deadpool almost took him to the brink of despair. Without the confidence of any studio stepping forward and taking a gamble on the R rated superhero installment, it became the definition of a passion project he refused to give up on.

“We got 47 separate rejection letters before the film got made," admitted the 40-year old Marvel star. "I think there’s something to be said about perseverance and the long gain. I felt like that’s something I really want to challenge with respect to Deadpool, so I just never gave up on it. One way or the other, we ended up making that dream come true.”

Source: MovieWeb, SCMP