Star Wars: Rogue One Gets Playing Cards Featuring You Know Who

Star Wars fans around the globe are watching every Facebook page, Twitter Feed and Reddit Channel that provide updates for Rogue One. It turns out that they might want to add toy and merchandise makers to the list. On September 1st, taking advantage of the "GoRogue" hashtag, Cartamundi, joined in on the fun. The playing card company tweeted the first photo for the upcoming decks for Rogue One.

Rogue One Playing Cards Feature Odd Values

While the card decks for Rogue One look cool, they do have us scratching our heads. The promo image might only showcase three cards that will be included in the deck, but their evaluations seem off. First up is Jyn Erso, the primary character in the film played by Felicity Jones. You'd think this lead spy would be important, but she only landed the "2" card. Really?!? Seems a bit low considering that the Imperial Death Troopers, listed as an "Elite Bodyguards", have landed the King card, the second best card there is. One can hope that these Death Troopers are strong enough to change the fate of the story.

Rogue One Playing Cards

To top it off, Vader has the strength of a 9 card. What?!? Not even a face card? The Emperor is around, sure, but seems like Vader's er, influence has been downgraded for this Star Wars installment.

Other than the weak evaluation of his power, the Darth Vader card does reveal something else. The good people over at StarWarsNews noticed that Vader will be wearing his shoulder armor over his inner cloak in Rogue One. Just as he did in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. In the old trilogy, Vader preferred the look of inner cloak over his shoulder armor. So you'd think, since Rogue One takes place during the same period, he'd be rocking that look. But, then again, perhaps he switched to the "over it" look shortly after the theft of the Death Star plans, declaring it "unlucky". Can Vader be superstitious?

Rogue One Trailer Darth Vader