Spider-Man Spinoff Reported To Be A Silver Sable-Black Cat Title

Following the news earlier this month that the supervillain Venom will get his very own installment from Sony, two female superheroine's Silver Sable and Black Cat are to lead an alternative Spider-Man spinoff. Thor: Ragnarok writer Christopher Yost will develop the screenplay, after initial drafts were penned by Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy.

The fall period of 2017 is mooted for a production start date, but that will require the hiring of a director. A task the studio has yet to achieve. This is yet a further expansion of the Marvel Universe and, while comic book fans will be well versed with the pair of superheroes, it might take some educating for a mainstream audience.

Duo Are Far From One Dimensional

Silver Sable Black Cat

As opposed to being plastic love interests with little to offer the plot, Silver Sable and Black Cat have a fair amount of complexity to their character to justify this spinoff. Sable was created in 1985 by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, acting as a mercenary who hunts down war criminals through her own company. In this respect she is both an ally to Spider-Man. But she can also be regarded as an antagonist who pushes the limits. Think Amanda Waller in DC's Suicide Squad, but not quite as dark and cynical.

Black Cat (AKA Felicia Hardy) on the other hand is more of a straight-laced character who has an on again, off again romantic relationship with Peter Parker. Unlike Mary Jane, this relationship has developed throughout the comics. The acrobatic cat burglar is essentially the Marvel version of Catwoman. But, given the performance of Anne Hathaway in that role for The Dark Knight Rises, the potential to cover her backstory in more depth is something that could truly resonate with the greater moviegoing public.

No Connections Between Spinoffs and Homecoming

Venom and Black Cat

While Black Cat is relatively well known in this world, Silver Sable is considered more of a supporting character and the pair might need to be teased or introduced in some capacity for Venom. Despite these heroes and villains opening up the narratives onto big screen adaptations, neither are reported to be linked in any way, shape or form to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This could be just an initial outline as Tom Holland's character gears up for another ensemble appearance in Avengers: Infinity War following his debut in Captain America: Civil War. With that arc potentially coming to a natural conclusion after Avengers 4, perhaps these established timelines could offer a myriad of crossover material for years to come?

Source: THR