Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Talks Iron Man, Easter Eggs and Venom

Jon Watts might be new to the blockbuster scene, but the director felt at ease about the production as he talked with Fandango this week. The 35-year old is helming the July 7 MCU installment Spider-Man: Homecoming. And, with Easter approaching, the filmmaker was quizzed about a few special eggs that were dropped for the trailer.

"Yes, I love that kind of stuff," he admitted. "I love that element – Marvel movies especially because it’s such a dense universe. Our movie is exploring the ground-level version of it – a ground-level perspective of it. So the opportunity to hide things here and there for the eagle-eye fan to spot is something that I really, really relish... (It is) more referencing things that exist in the larger Marvel universe, or very deep cuts from the comics."

Is Tony Peter's Mentor, Or Vice Versa?

Injured Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming

Having the highest paid actor on set and the biggest presence in the MCU as a key figure for the standalone flick, what was it like for Watts to interact with Robert Downey Jr.?

"It was great. I had such a good time with him," he recalled. "Robert is such an electric guy and him with Tom… basically, my job was to set it up and just step back and let it happen because they have such chemistry together."

But how was the dynamic like between Tom Holland and the Iron Man star? Is he the elder statesman figure brought to look after the teen, or is Stark looking for his purpose?

"Is it the first step towards Tony as some sort of mentor figure?" the director rhetorically asked. "Is he comfortable with that? Has he ever seen himself as that? Or is he the one who’s needed the mentoring along the way? I think it’s a really interesting facet of Tony Stark’s personality that we get to explore in his relationship with Peter."

Nemesis Venom To Be Kept At Arm's Length

Spider-Man's Venom

One of the key pillars from the comic books that has yet to be explored in this world is Damage Control - the fictional clean-up company that had their own series in the animated copies. Is this going to be a department that will have more of a role in future sequels?

"Yeah, possibly," he replied. "For me, in thinking about this movie, it just fit in with our overall philosophy with the kind of story we wanted to tell. In the same way that Peter gives us the ground-level view of what it’s like to be a 15-year-old kid in a New York City that was almost destroyed by aliens before the Avengers showed up. You also wonder after all those huge messes are made, who’s sent in to clean up? Is it the normal people who would be hired to do something like that? Does it become a government operation? Is it dangerous? What do you do with all the alien body parts that you find? I really like asking those practical questions about this world and then using that to drive the story."

To finish up, the news that Spider-Man's ultimate nemesis Venom will get his own spinoff had the web talking. Will this movie have anything to do with Holland's portrayal? Not a chance according to Watts.

"It’s not. It’s not connected to the Marvel world, so that’s really intriguing… what that will be. I don’t know anything about it. It’s not connected, so there’s not that overlap. I’m only focused on my movie right now."

Source: Fandango