Snoke Revealed As Main Protagonist In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

To those that understand the story of Star Wars beyond the features that have been released in cinema, this news will come as no surprise. But like the rest of us that gear up each December to see a new edition from LucasFilm and Disney with great anticipation, the huge CGI villain from Force Awakens will play a much bigger role for the upcoming blockbuster Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Reshoots have been required following the passing of General Leia actress Carry Fisher, intimating that the film could pave the way for an emotional tribute. What we do understand though is the role of Snoke, the Supreme Leader of The First Order and a character that is responsible for Kylo Ren's defection to the dark side.

Caution: Contains Potential Spoilers Ahead

Snoke Not A Foe To Be Taken Lightly

Courtesy of the folks at Making Star Wars, they speak to a confidential source who talks about how dangerous Snoke is now his detractors are either perished or under his thumb, giving him the perfect platform to create havoc and destruction across the galaxy.

"For Snoke, the loss of the Starkiller Base was as significant as his wins," remarks editor Jason Ward. "His forces are no longer a secret to the galaxy at large. Those who used to laugh at the idea that The First Order were a threat are either dead or no longer laughing. The cold war style stand-off is publicly over after the full on assault on the Republic and the senate. The galaxy no longer views Snoke as someone that is irrelevant on the galactic stage. The galaxy knows he and his cronies are maniacal zealots and they should be feared for better or worse. The galaxy seems to mostly understand that The First Order is eventually coming to conqueror their worlds and they have to fall in line or resist. Most understand that war has returned and the perceived era of peace is over."

Out of the Shadows and onto the Battlefield For Snoke

Snoke Star Wars The Force Awakens

Played by CGI expert Andy Serkis, the character clearly knows the veil has been lifted on his covert mission, as the source argues the war will go head on in December.

"Snoke understands that everything The First Order used to do in secret is no longer an option and a very overt war is on the horizon. Unfortunately, The Republic has completely collapsed after being attacked in Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Starkiller Base. The galaxy is in complete disarray. The galaxy understands that everyone has to pick a side now. General Organa no longer stands alone in her determination that The First Order is the greatest threat to freedom and democracy in the galaxy and the only choice they have left is to fight."

Source: Making Star Wars