Shane Black: Predator Sequel Won’t Be Going Suburban

Shane Black wants the audience to know as little about The Predator film as humanly possible. But he did release one detail that ruled out a possibility speculated by a number of sources. According to Collider, the never-to-be-called reboot is in the middle of pre-production ahead of a hotly anticipated February 9, 2018 release. We now told that the production did draw a line through one setting that would have followed in the mold of the flop Predator 2. Yes, that same "too old for this shit" Predator back in 1990.

That second installment did make a profit at the box office but failed miserably with the critics. The picture starring Danny Glover and Gary Busey explored the surroundings of downtown Los Angeles.

That contrasted greatly from the jungle in the Amazon with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original. And the parallel in the reception of the two was not lost on the filmmakers and studio.

Black Wants To Put His Stamp On The Failing Franchise

Predator Sequel Shane Black

So no suburbs for the blockbuster - but what else do we know? The writer and director of such flicks as Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys, Black did explain to the publication that the super villain franchise has "veered from typical sci-fi" as it transcends a stereotypical genre in cinema.

Creating any movie that is a mixture of scary and funny will be quite the feat for a filmmaker who has a solid record to his name. If he can recapture the terrifying magic from the 1987 picture amid the trees and waterfalls of the invisible foe, then Black will have plenty of quality material to work with.

Munn Joins Holbrook For 2018 Cast

Try as he might, Black can't keep everything about The Predator under wraps. While we understand Boyd Holbrook of Narcos and Logan fame will be the central protagonist of the film, IGN reports that Olivia Munn will be part of the team when filming gets underway at some stage next year.

Olivia Munn Predator Cast

Fresh from starring in the Marvel franchise as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, Munn will be expanding on her big screen work having been a standout in the television series The Newsroom. Black and Fred Dekker are co-writing the script and have placed the actress in a scientist role with Holbrook to be special forces. He will have to be pretty special to get the better of this extra terrestrial though!