Ryan Reynolds Shoots Down Speculation Deadpool 2 Has A New Writer

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick deserve as much credit for the incredible work of Deadpool as it's main man, Mr. Ryan Reynolds. The screenwriters managed to get the R rated Merc with the Mouth to become one of the highest grossing superhero installments of all time. Setting a record at the box office for a feature of it's classification in the process.

While that would usually set the sequel into overdrive, as the studio and executives push for another addition to line their pockets further, Deadpool 2 has quietly gone about it's business since securing David Leitch as director. But one report indicated that extra work had to be done on the script, a notion that was dismissed out of hand from Reynolds.

Reese and Wernick Still The Brains of the Movie

On Wednesday this week, Steven Weintraub that explained Drew Goddard was helping to craft the script alongside Reynolds, alluding to some potential trouble without the work of the original scribes in Wernick and Rheese. Using his Twitter account, Reynolds poured cold water on that suggestion. All to argue that the successful pair are still very much a team and all is going according to plan.

It would not be the first time the project has suffered a setback. Seeing the first director Tim Miller walk away from the franchise citing creative differences. Yet the refusal from Reynolds on this front has to be taken at face value, making the report a confusing state of affairs for all parties.

Goddard a Marvel Regular

Daredevil Netflix

The suggestion that 41-year old screenwriter Drew Goddard is working in conjunction with Ryan Reynolds on the script would not be an outlandish concept. Especially given his previous work. From Cloverfield to The Cabin in the Woods, World War Z and The Martian, Goddard has a solid background in the action, thriller and science-fiction domains.

But it would be his work as a screenwriter and executive producer on the Marvel Netflix series Daredevil that would draw the greatest parallel. Transitioning from the small to the big screen in the larger MCU. Despite these credentials, Reynolds put the red pen through his name to exclaim the original team have not budged.

Perhaps this is Goddard attempting to get his name in the press while news on the sequel seems to slow down. Without an official release date, external parties will fill the void on the topic as news sources await information on casting and a production schedule.

Source: Collider