Ryan Reynolds’ Intimate Golden Globes with Andrew Garfield and Jimmy Fallon

Amid a lavish opening to the 2017 Golden Globes on Sunday night, host Jimmy Fallon rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names on the small screen. From the cast of the Netflix smash hit Stranger Things to Mr. Robot star Rami Malek plus a funny cameo from Game of Thrones' Jon Snow actor Kit Harington.

And let's not forget the musical number inspired by La La Land jam packed a lot into the 5 minutes as the big screen stars stepped in.

Before having a pep talk from Trolls voiceover star and pop sensation Justin Timberlake, Deadpool's own Ryan Reynolds appeared on top of a piano being played by Fallon. Chewing some gum while he intimately gazed into the talk show hosts eyes, Reynolds spat the piece into Fallon's mouth as the show opener continued to roll.

Garfield Pash Took All By Surprise

Just as Ryan Gosling was walking up to the podium to accept the award for Best Actor for his work on La La Land, his competitor Ryan Reynolds decided the best consolation gift would be a kiss with Silence and Hacksaw Ridge star Andrew Garfield. All while his wife Blake Lively looked on with a big grin on her face, Reynolds thought the best method of losing the gong would be to share a passionate moment with the former Spider-Man.

During the week, Hugh Jackman was vocal in his support of Deadpool receiving critical acclaim this awards season. Yet the Hollywood Foreign Press snubbed the movie. Whilst that was a let down, it did provide Gosling with the opportunity to pay tribute to his partner Eva Mendes whose brother passed away.

Reynolds Tan Lights Up Social Media

Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone

Perhaps it was just the lighting of the evening, but the glow resonating from the face of Reynolds perplexed a number of Golden Globes viewers. From one audience member stating on social media "Ryan Reynolds isn't that orange" to "Who barbecued Ryan Reynolds?" the teasers were out in force.

But a few shots taken on social media won't have much, if any, impact on the dramatic actor who has recently gone public to admit that the Deadpool experience has given him a new lease of life after some mishaps. Having explained that he's lived with anxiety throughout most of his career, he is on the other side now and enjoying the limelight with the biggest stars in the industry. Maybe enjoying it a bit too much if the Garfield pash is any indication.

Source: THR, Daily Mail