Life Stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal In Hysterics During Interview

The press circuit for actors can be an arduous process where the same format is replicated across a variety of publications. The stars trot out identical responses, the content is provided and all of the stakeholders are happy to have their slice of the pie.

But for Life stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, promoting their movie has been nothing short of a delight. Having a blast with two different outlets, the guys ventured into some unusual territory without a dry eye in the house.

Pair Eager To "Get Out of F*** Town" As Interview Descends Into Chaos

Starting off with a fairly innocent question about the one-shot tracking utilized for the horror science-fiction hit Life, Reynolds attempted to give a reasoned response before he essentially parodied himself.

"I love big oner's, they're always like a big, huge technical challenge - that does sound weird, 'I love big oner's,'" laughs Reynolds. "A little inside baseball here. But it's one shot so it's a big oner. It's also pillow talk with my wife." Gyllenhaal couldn't help but interject and take the subject into the gutter, quite literally, "Flash that one down (laughs)." The Deadpool star was happy to play along, "Nailed that big oner. Nailed the big two-er... Anyway let's get together or get out of f*** town, alright?"

His Life co-star could not believe how crass this piece of content was becoming. Unable to help himself from the hysterical laughing.

"Holy s***, oh my God. What the f*** is this 'get out of f*** town?' This is such a useless interview - it's so great! Next Ryan Reynolds Google question is going to be: 'Is Ryan Reynolds high?'"

Google Ponders The Reynolds Family Tree

Ranking in the top 3 YouTube videos this week, the Hollywood stars explored what content was being explored by fans on the global search engine when their names popped up. Shot for WIRED, this was more of an exercise in constraint, but neither Reynolds nor Gyllenhaal were taking themselves too seriously.

"Google your own name, everyone has at some point in their lives and you were like, 'Oh God!' I was feeling so good about myself a second ago," remarks the Canadian.

The autocorrect lines would include questions like: Is Ryan Reynolds Debbie Reynolds' son? Is Ryan Reynolds related to Ryan Gosling? Is Ryan Reynolds missing a tooth? Is Ryan Reynolds mean?

While Gyllenhaal had a lot of fun at his co-star's expense, the shoe would quickly be put onto the other foot. His lines involved: What is Jake Gyllenhaal? What was Jake Gyllenhaal's first movie? What does Jake Gyllenhaal eat? What does Jake Gyllenhaal tattoo say? And what time was Jake Gyllenhaal born?

Source: Fox 5 DC, WIRED