Russell Crowe Responds To Cable Link For Deadpool 2

He might have played Superman's father in DC's Man of Steel, but Aussie actor Russell Crowe is very open to the idea of taking the much sought after part of Cable in Deadpool 2. Crossing the superhero divide to Marvel. The 52-year old won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 2000 for the Ridley Scott picture Gladiator, but as the roles in his career become less and less illustrious, a sidekick spot next to Ryan Reynolds might be the right tonic.

Two men have been earmarked for Cable according to various reports. Starting with Bloodline star Kyle Chandler before James Bond veteran Pierce Brosnan entered the frame, courtesy of a number of photos linking the pair with Wolverine himself Mr. Hugh Jackman. As Deadpool comic creator Rob Liefeld floated the concept to the man in question on social media, Crowe took the bait to entertain the idea. How so? Well, he decided to repost the fan art of himself as the scarred time traveler.

Revised my cable with some Russell Crowe since the idea is being pitched 😀

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You Want Me To Read? Russ Doesn't Read For Anyone

The entertaining back and forth between Liefeld and Crowe illustrates how the Hollywood process has changed somewhat. Engaging in potential casting through a Twitter notification rather than a VIP meet and greet or old fashioned phone call.

Going online, the writer remarked, "@russellcrowe you should read for Cable in Deadpool and X-Force. Just sayin..." The actor responded in kind as he was left puzzled at the idea he would have to read and essentially audition for the role. "I should read for it?" Quickly backtracking to say the tweet was "poorly worded" and that he was indeed a "huge fan," Crowe said that it would be up to the star of the show as to his potential casting. "I'm sure if @VancityReynolds [Ryan Reynolds] has any interest in that idea he'll find a way."

KC To Tackle Godzilla In New Role

Kyle Chandler Godzilla

The talk surrounding Chandler's links to Deadpool 2 seemed to disappear the moment Tim Miller walked away from the project, intimating that the potential conflict could have been a deal breaker as the studio hired David Leitch as director and sided with Reynolds. But the actor has quickly rebounded to be cast in another upcoming blockbuster - Godzilla: King of Monsters.

He will be taking on the part of Millie Bobby Brown's father. As the Michael Dougherty picture is not expected to return any of the actors from the first installment. Chandler will be well versed in the father role, having done likewise on the small screen with programs like Bloodline and Friday Night Lights.

Source: IGN, CB