Rogue One Score Getting LOST Treatment with Giacchino

Considering that I constantly listen to music from Michael Giacchino while working, his recent development will be marked as "awesome". The composer has been hired by Disney to compose the score for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Though Alexandre Desplat, known for films such as Moonrise Kingdom and Argo, was originally hired to do the score, the reshoots have put that plan astray. While I greatly appreciate Desplat's contributions to the theatrical world, I still like Giacchino more. So, bravo.

Rogue One Screencap

And the move does seem to fit the trend for this latest Star Wars installment. Fans began to panic when it was announced that "extensive" reshoots would be taking place over summer. Disney immediately did damage control. Explaining that the reshoots were already planned and budgeted for. Sure. Maybe. And then we learned that Tony Gilroy was stepping up his involvement. In an attempt to correct "story and tonal issues", production started to look a mess, but two trailers since have us thinking things are going to be A-okay. With Giacchino now on board, we can only expect some very memorable music as well.

Michael Giacchino Composing Rogue One

Don't feel too bad for Desplat. According to THR, he wasn't let go. The reshoots for Rogue One pushed back the calendar for his time to compose the music. The composer already had other obligations, so declared himself no longer available. Disney and Lucasfilm were quick to respond, immediately reaching out to a favorite acquaintance, Michael Giacchino, to fill in as composer. While many know the composer for his incredible score for LOST, he also is behind the music for Pixar's Incredibles, Ratatouille and Up. And his filmography with the studio doesn't end there. Giacchino recently scored Disney's Zootopia, and is currently working on Marvel's Doctor Strange.

Even better, Giacchino is a huge Star Wars geek. Friends with director J.J. Abrams, he played a storm trooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. See? And you thought Daniel Craig was the only one. The two go back to, you guessed it, LOST. Queue the music.