Reshoots of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Suggest Tribute To Carrie Fisher

The death of Carrie Fisher at the tender age of 60 rocked Hollywood in December last year. On a purely cosmetic level, the loss was not expected to affect the upcoming blockbuster Star Wars: The Last Jedi. An installment that was believed to have shot all their scenes with Fisher in her iconic role of Princess Leia.

But with that title leading into Star Wars Episode 9, the passing has caused Disney as a studio and the filmmakers to schedule reshoots, happening next month in March. There are two key scenes over the next two titles that have General Leia front and center, one reuniting the character with her brother Luke Skywalker. And the other confronting her first son Ben - a man who has defected to the First Order.

It is yet to be seen what will remain from that framework, as the reshoots suggest a different storyline taking place.

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Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Although YouTube videographer Mike Zeroh does not have a perfect record when it comes to the world of predictions, clearly the redevelopment has coincided with her death. Drawing a parallel to another posthumous moment from a major production, Zeroh thinks the new scenes could be a farewell to Fisher.

"It has been rumored that some of Carrie Fisher's major scenes from Episode VIII will be cut from the film," he remarked. "I think that what they're going to be doing is modifying the scenes perhaps to make them all the more special and...bring an interesting tribute to her as a person. Now we do know this approach was used for Furious 7 with Paul Walker. I think they could do something similar for Carrier Fisher playing General Leia and they could make the scene...have a larger impact on the film and that is what these reshoots could be for, that's my belief. It could be for little snippets here and there to make other scenes more detailed."

Daughter Billie Posts Final Goodbye


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Using her Instagram account to post a touching image of her mother, Billie Lourd uploaded the black and white picture this week of herself as a child with Fisher holding her in a limousine. The actress and daughter of the Star Wars legend stars in the comedy series Scream Queens and, on January 2, Lourd thanked those who had honored her mother in the days after her passing.

“Receiving all of your prayers and kind words over the past week has given me strength during a time I thought strength could not exist,” remarked an emotional 24-year old. “There are no words to express how much I miss my Abadaba and my one and only Momby. Your love and support means the world to me.”

Source: MovieWeb, US Magazine