Photographer Sues James Franco Claiming Actor Head-Butted Him!

James Franco had an uncomfortable run in with a photographer two years ago back in 2014. Variety now reports that the incident has conspired with the actor being sued for committing an alleged head-butt on the er, victim. The matter is now before the courts, acknowledging that the incident took place at a Lana Del Rey concert. The following suit was filed in Los Angeles on Monday this week.

Plaintiff David Tonnessen is the individual in question and, according to his account, he was taking photos of Lana Del Rey at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Things were going well until he heard a scuffle occurring just behind him. As he turned around he saw Franco, which is when things got weird. Apparently the 38-year old kicked off the strange when he smiled "rather demonically." Whaaa?

Franco Has A Case To Answer


Tonnessen explained by this point he was charged at by the 127 Hours and Spring Breakers star. Ending with the photographer head-butted in the stomach and knocked to the ground. Like the best crack addict, Franco is accused of fleeing the scene to run back to the crowd and enjoy the rest of the concert.

The suit filed was largely on account of Tonnessen experiencing what he describes as suffering “severe and permanent physical and psychological injuries.” The legal categories this falls under includes assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. All charges that Franco will have to answer for. And it looks like it's going to be a he-said he-said. As the parties will have to rely on eyewitnesses of the alleged incident two years ago this month.

High Profile Celebs Often Caught Out In Ugly Situations

Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys

As the case with Russell Crowe, actors of high esteem and notoriety can often become the targets of people looking to cash in on their fame. All in an attempt to exploit them in ugly situations. Tonnessen's allegation against Franco could be an honest portrayal of assault. But, then again, it might be an opportune moment for a photographer to earn a payday with the motives being more than dubious.

Franco could be described as a somewhat aloof character who ventures off into his own world. But that in and of itself does not make him a violent person. The Interview star has faced a lot of challenges on screen. This will be one difficulty tackled away from the spotlight.