Patrick Stewart Eager To Revive Professor X In Wolverine vs. Deadpool Crossover

If the idea was dead, buried and cremated, why do the stars keep talking about it so much? This week Patrick Stewart was doing the media rounds to promote Logan, with the feature said to be the swan song for the veteran and Hugh Jackman in their respective roles as Charles Xavier/Professor X and Wolverine.

Sitting down with MTV to talk about his future plans. And, if a Wolverine vs. Deadpool title would be the catalyst in bringing him back, he gave an optimistic response.

"I would have said yes, but the discussion just now about Deadpool makes me think, well, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Charles Xavier."

Grumpy and Potty-Mouthed - This Is Not The Charles You Know

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Sir Patrick Stewart explained that it was liberating to be let off the hook with his language on the R rated installment.

"I've seen it twice," he replied, before being asked if it was nice to let fly a few F bombs for the first time as the character. "It's one of those things in which you can say, 'Things have changed folks. This is not the man that you have grown to love and feel secure with all these years.' No, he is old. 90 plus. Which I know would be a stretch for you to image me as a 90 plus ... the makeup staff were exceptional, they deserve Oscar nominations for their work on me (laughs). But, like all the X-Men movies, it is about something.

Primarily, although yes - they are superhero people - but it's also about family... There's a grandfather (pointing to himself), there's a son who might be Logan, and there's a daughter, a granddaughter too who is the most extraordinary young woman. I think the most extraordinary young child actor I have ever met. Her name is Dafne Keen."

Parallels With Toxic Immigrant Debate


Quizzed about the tone in which the movie manages to tap into the current political debate over immigration, Stewart said that the film did not set out to achieve that goal. Having been in the works long before the Trump presidency was ever considered.

"What is pertinent about this movie was - the ideas were written three, four years ago," recalled the Enlighman. "This is really a case of life catching up with art... The three principle characters - the good guys in our story - they have one super objective and that is to get to a border, it happens to be the Canadian border, and get across. Why? To safety. All over the world there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people who are doing exactly the same thing because their lives are at risk and in danger. It has never been so bad and that has happened since this script has been developed."

Source: MovieWeb