New Doctor Strange TV Spot Shows Some Humor

For a mystical being engaging in mind-bending sorcery - the new Doctor Strange TV spot demonstrates that the upcoming feature will have some laughs in it for good measure. The latest tease of the Benedict Cumberbatch Marvel installment shows off some intriguing scenes where the character is placed in the middle of some staggering scenery.

But amid all the chaos that ensues, the production team have made sure that they haven't lost their sense of humor.

In the first on-camera sequence between the foes, Mad Mikkelsen's evil Kaecilius engages in an unexpectedly awkward exchange - not exactly getting off on the right foot.

"Mr. Doctor?" puzzled Kaecilius, "It's Strange," replied the neurosurgeon. "Maybe," retorted the inquisitive bad guy, "Who am I to judge?"

Inception 2.0 As Marvel Goes Psychological

Doctor Strange TV Spot Screenshot

There is a single line of dialogue in the TV spot that perfect sums up the point of difference between this 2016 picture and the rest of the Avengers gang. We see Strange taken down a peg or two from his Bruce Wayne-type lifestyle. With this lifestyle of wealth, greed and excess destroyed, Stephen Strange comes to learn the nature of his powers.

One of his teachers explains: "The Avengers protect the world from physical dangers. We save (people) from more mystical threats."

The backdrop and CGI is reminiscent of the 2010 science fiction thriller Inception. The Christopher Nolan film starring Leonardo Di Caprio utilized similar techniques of inverting large structures to reimagine the universe as we see it.

Multiple Scenes Shot Specifically For IMAX

Doctor Strange TV Spot

Taking another cue from Nolan to go purely IMAX for a number of big budget shots, director Scott Derrickson is delighted to use that large-format technology. Not only to his benefit, but the movie watching experience as a whole.

“As a movie fan, I am thrilled to take audiences along on the visual journey of Doctor Strange and give them an early peek at what we’ve been working on. The completed film will feature more than an hour of specially formatted IMAX sequences that will provide audiences with a totally immersive—and mind-blowing—film-going experience and I’m excited to share a taste of that with our fans on October 10.”

We're counting down the days!