Mr. Sinister To Take On Hugh Jackman In Wolverine 3

Collider reports that the legendary comic book character Mr. Sinister will be featured in 2017's Wolverine 3. A film that will close the curtain on Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the iconic Marvel hero. Few details have come to light over the final installment of the franchise, even in relation to casting of the villain himself.

Director James Mangold has the task of bringing Mr. Sinister onto the big screen. Considering this is a first introduction, the transition will be interesting given the aesthetic of the character. While there will be some tie-in with former foes within the Wolverine world coming back into the fold, it's likely that Mr. Sinister will be the key protagonist.

Background and History of Mr. Sinister

Mr. Sinister

In the world of X-Men, only Magneto and Apocalypse can compare to Mr. Sinister within the bad guys hierarchy. To many it is a surprise Marvel waited this long to bring the character into the fold. As part of the mythology, he was responsible for “The Mutant Massacre” in one narrative after working as an 1800s biologist in London.

Also going under the alias of Nathaniel Essex, the scientist worked closely with Apocalypse and his wife hated him for it. When she passed during childbirth, she called Essex "sinister," a name that would be etched in his history forever more.

Wolverine 3 Must Improve On Apocalypse Flop

X-Men: Apocalypse

In pure dollars and cents, X-Men Apocalypse worked for the studios. But critics and hordes of movie goers were less than impressed with the overblown and dark 2016 picture. Carrying none of the charm or enjoyment of previous installments, the film also caused Oscar Isaac to transition one of the greatest actors of his generation into a shadow of himself.

Fans will eagerly await the March 3 release of the yet to be titled Wolverine picture. For this installment, Bryan Singer takes a backseat to Mangold. All eyes and ears will be on the casting agents to see who exactly will fill the Mr. Sinister/Nathaniel Essex role. Especially since there might be some hesitation given what occurred with Isaac.

What do you think? Have an actor in mind for the role of Mr. Sinister?