Mel Gibson Reported To Direct Suicide Squad 2

If DC and Warner Brothers were genuine about thinking outside the box, then hiring the directing services of Mel Gibson certainly ticks that box. The Academy Award winner knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to a visual spectacle that packs in the action. And now he could be ready to take charge of Suicide Squad 2.

Fresh from his work on the biographical drama Hacksaw Ridge, a title that is up for Best Picture at the Oscars this year, the 61-year old has been seen as the ideal candidate by the studio to take charge of the directing duties. Early reports suggest that Gibson is reading up on the source material at the moment. All to familiarize himself with the drafts and narrative.

Not Over The Line, But Mel Is A Nose In Front

Mel Gibson Blood Father

Keeping their options open should Gibson pass on the opportunity, Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) have been added to a shortlist. A list that happens to include Life filmmaker Daniel Espinosa as well. But it appears as though the Braveheart and Blood Father star is the favorite at this juncture. Bringing his no holds barred style to a franchise that is in desperate need of a creative vision that improves on the original.

The link to the position is evidence enough to prove that Gibson is back in the winners circle. Having been maligned for years in the aftermath of his anti-semitic tirade. In talks to join the sequel to the comedy Daddy's Home, this role might be too lucrative and tempting to turn down for a man that is yet to dip his toe into the superhero pool. Then again, this same man did in fact make fun of superheroes.

Can Gibson Succeed Where Ayer Didn't?

Suicide Squad

Introducing a crowd of new names from Deadshot to Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and a reboot of the Joker courtesy of Jared Leto, director David Ayer had ample options to work with. Suicide Squad was a huge success for those that count the numbers. Securing a global box office of $745m to completely blow the competition out of the water in 2016.

The critics however were far less impressed. Lambasting the muddled screenplay, poor acting and overuse of CGI effects that made the picture a glorified mess complete with a bloated cast. Ayer went so far as to pen an open apology about the title, leaving a huge void for someone with the gravitas and leadership to steer the sequel in the right direction.

Source: THR