Matt Damon Discusses Working Under A Ben Affleck-Directed Film

Hollywood has rarely seen a tighter pair of friends as the actors and filmmakers who drew widespread acclaim for their combined efforts on 1997's Good Will Hunting. While Ben Affleck has gone on to carve an incredible career for himself that is culminating in features like Argo, The Accountant and Justice League, Damon continues to be a major box office draw for his work in the Jason Bourne franchise, The Martian and the 2013 fantasy thriller Elysium.

But outside of a handful of other ventures including Dogma in the last couple of decades, the two appear happy to go on their own merry ways. Speaking with Vanity Fair in the wake of the Golden Globes, Damon was pressed on a number of topics, ranging from future productions together to his reaction on younger sibling Casey enjoying unprecedented success.

No Better Than Casey: Damon

Casey Affleck

With the Golden Globes front of mind, Damon was asked how he felt seeing Ben's younger brother taking center stage.

“Yeah, there were tears,” admitted the 46-year old. “Casey is like a brother to me. I’ve known him since we were kids. I met him at the age of five, and always admired how funny and smart he is. He’s actually my favorite actor, and one of the best actors that I’ve seen in my life.”

It so turned out that Affleck was mooted for the lead role in Manchester by the Sea after Damon turned down the indie project because of a scheduling conflict with The Martian. But says that Casey was the right man all along.

“I never could have given this role away," explained Damon. "It was the most beautifully written screenplay that I had seen, and one of the best roles I had ever seen in movies or onstage for that matter. Since it was so good, I was willing to give it up only for Casey.”

Damon Waiting For The Right Moment To Reunite Trio

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck in Good Will Hunting

20 years since all three of Damon and the Affleck brothers were on screen together, the actor says that moment will come for the trio to reunite.

“We want to do it and be together, but it’s really hard to find the time and the right material," he outlined. "You can’t let your personal preferences dictate what you do over their preferences. You have to respond to what’s available. Hopefully something will come along where we can all work together. I know we would all love it.”

Would he be willing to let Ben direct the potential feature?

“I would love to be in one of Ben’s movies that he directs. The problem is, he keeps on giving himself the best roles!”

Source: Vanity Fair