More Logan Photos Drop Ahead of March Debut… and They’re Dark

Excited much? Logan continues to prove not only on a weekly basis, but almost daily, that this Marvel installment will be something special. Carrying a level of gravitas not seen for other superhero counterparts. Today we get to see more of an insight into Hugh Jackman's character courtesy of two new stills. Both of which portray a man on the brink.

With the first, we see our steel clawed survivor solemnly sitting on a bed, wearing a dark suit and tie. All while staring into the distance as he ponders what has gone and what will come. We've seen him carry X-23 out of a burning car, holding his bloodied hands and stand ready for battle. And now Logan is isolated away from others as he reflects.

Jackman's Lone Wolf Caricature A Change of Pace

Hugh Jackman Logan

20th Century Fox are painting a picture for the viewers ahead of March 3rd, but it is anything but pretty. Unless you find beauty in dark places, these images outline a Western landscape where humanity has abandoned the fight for justice. Leaving every man to for themselves. A dire situation that sets up a grand finale.

Logan cuts an imposing figure, even in his older weary age. Starring alongside his old sparring partner Sir Patrick Stewart aka Professor X, these two iconic performers will surely leave a lasting legacy for a franchise that was built off their heroes. Surely this will be a fitting end.

Grounded End Illustrated Through the Setting

Logan Marvel Setting

Looking like something more out of a Quentin Tarintino film of a desolate world left uninhabitable, Logan's last stand against The Reavers will contrast what we have seen before in the X-Men world. Rather than battling supervillains who are out for world domination, this will focus on a calculated execution of a race of people.

The supporting cast in new bad boy Stephen Merchant, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez are far from A-listers, but this is far removed from an ensemble piece as you are likely to see in the Marvel world. Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce appears quietly unnerving as James Mangold directs a movie for the ages.