Logan Leaks: Jackman Gives Plot Synopsis As Director Shows 3 New Images

For many fans of the X-Men franchise, March 3 cannot come soon enough as Hugh Jackman lashes those metal claws for one final outing. As anticipation builds for the debut of Logan in cinemas, director James Mangold is utilizing the gifts of social media to provide three new images for the audience to sink their teeth into.

The dark undertones of the picture have been on full display long before the first teaser dropped, illustrating a hero at the end of his journey. But still weary for a tough battle ahead. These latest offerings from Mangold are no different, showing Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier looking tired and dreary on his wheelchair. Jackman's Logan not too dissimilar with a grey beard and the young X-23 staring blankly down the camera.

Don't Come For The Laughs This Time With Marvel

Logan (2017)

With a brand new trailer reportedly coming out sometime later this week, hopefully the studio holds enough content back to keep the major surprises close to their chest. While Marvel did that perfectly for Deadpool, this is a completely different scenario to send out a beloved hero, or heroes. As the finale strikes a dramatic note in contrast to Ryan Reynolds' picture.

New players Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant and Richard E. Grant will be welcomed additions to the cast. Yet many are pointing out young actress Dafne Keen for particular attention as X-23. Already prominent in the first trailer, the mutant on the run will be pivotal to the narrative. All while Wolverine does everything in his power to save her life and preserve the species.

Synopsis Makes The Picture That Bit Clearer

From everything we have gleaned in the images, the trailer and all other pieces of content, the majority of the story that will unfold is essentially at our fingertips. But Hugh Jackman posted on his Twitter account a new synopsis that may fill in one or two extra details that were otherwise unknown to some.

“In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border," posted Jackman alongside an image of Wolverine standing in the fields. "But Logan’s attempt to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.”

If only to heighten expectations further, Reynolds called the film (to which he has already seen 40 minutes footage) "Oscar worthy." Brace yourselves.

Source: Cinema Blend, Independent