Logan To Feature New X-23 Clone Character

The biggest takeaway from the new Logan trailer is the revelation of X-23 as the savior of the mutant race. The only possible link remaining after Wolverine and Professor X take their final bow. Over the last week a longer synopsis was made available to fans alongside the first poster. And by the weekend we were presented with a fantastic teaser. It looks like the pieces are coming together to illustrate exactly what we should be expecting come March 3, 2017.

Wolverine and X-23 in Logan

As shown by the first trailer, the 107 seconds gave an insight into the plight of Logan and Patrick Stewart's character. Audiences witness both ageing men coming towards the end of their journey as they hope to avoid complete mutant extinction. Set in the not-so-distant future of 2024, Mister Sinister aka Nathaniel Essex has established a company that hunts down the gifted. With mutants on course for complete annihilation, there is one shining light left.

Who Is X-23?

X-23 Laura Kinney in Logan

Going by either Laura Kinney or X-23, the young lady is a replica/clone of Wolverine. She was first introduced in the animated series X-Men: Evolution before transitioning to the comics in 2004. Her father's death and the pursuit by Essex has made her a wanted figure. And if the trailer is any guide, Logan needs X-23 as much as she needs him.

Many inside the industry who have studied the X-Men series and understand the comics see Kinney as the link to continue the franchise. At least should 20th Century Fox look to stay the course. A huge void will be left after Jackman and Stewart depart the series. But from what has been released this week, the send off will be emotional, intense and epic!

Boyd Holbrook Character Could Determine Logan's Fate

Boyd Holbrook in Logan

Boyd Holbrook will play Donald Pierce, a gun-for-hire henchman who is the head of security for Essex's firm. He has been charged with going on the hunt for Wolverine, Professor X and X-23. While we know Logan and his young companion will be burying a character (we fear it will be Stewart), the influence of Pierce will be crucial to the events of the film.

Holbrook is hot property right now. After helping close a chapter of X-Men, the actor has been cast in the first of a reboot in Predator. The Narcos star looks bulked up to take on the aged Wolverine. A build he might need to keep if he is to battle the mysterious outer-world villain.