Logan Director Discusses Original Screenplay and Future of X-23


Sitting down this week to talk about masterpiece Logan, director James Mangold opened up about the inspirations behind the movie. Wanting to create a three-way parallel between a trio of different superheroes at very contrasting junctures in their lives and experiences, the filmmaker said that Jackman's desire to close his time with Marvel brought up various motion pictures he has worked on or was inspired by.

"My first effort on the script was just months after finishing The Wolverine, fueled in a lot of ways by my own ambition to tell an original story about these characters, not encumbered by any comic saga or anything else, but just to kind of make a movie like I had made Walk the Line or 3:10 to Yuma or Girl, Interrupted or Cop Land out of these characters," he said.

"Hugh (Jackman) had talked to me about wanting to make a powerful exit and I played with a lot of different ideas. I essentially told Hugh and the studio that I was working on an idea that was essentially an extremely bloody Little Miss Sunshine or something more like Little Miss Sunshine meets Scarface or something."

Want More Logan? Buy Blu-ray


Mangold outlined that the scenes left on the cutting room floor hurt the flow of the movie. Making the point that the extras will be a nice little present for the fans when they purchase their take home copy.

"I wanted to make a dramatic film, a genuine dramatic film, with kind of physical action. It’s not like I feel we invented any wheel, this is what the 70s are filled with, it’s what Westerns are defined by, that it’s a smoldering film, a character film, and then there are gun fights or big conflicts that erupt and you feel much more in relation to these battles because you’re invested in the characters, not in a cursory way, not in a surface-y way.

But when you’re saying things we lost and came out, what I’m getting to is that there were places where I felt like we couldn’t hold you anymore, that I was bordering on making—It’s just truly entirely a character piece and then I felt like we had set up a level of anticipation and pace, that we had to move on. Certainly they’re gonna be on the Blu-ray for the movie because they’re great scenes, it’s just it threw the overall pace."

James Would Be Keen To See Young Dafne Grow Into X-23 Role

Logan X-23

The remarks have been made before. And such is the glowing praise of the 12-year old, that studio executives, fans and filmmakers are falling over themselves to consider the prospect of Dafne Keen playing X-23 in a future X-Men installment. For Mangold, he is just a big fan full stop.

"I definitely would like to explore what we could do," he replied. "When you ask me about actors, one of the biggest things is when you find great actors you don’t move on without realizing this is something that you won’t find everywhere. Dafne (Keen) is an incredible find and an incredible talent, and so answering your question, it would give you serious pause to think about how she might grow older in this role, and I think it might be something magical to see on film."

Source: Collider