Leonardo DiCaprio Joins The Black Hand Thriller As Lead and Producer

Leonardo DiCaprio now has the Academy Award win monkey off his back, as he pushes forth with a raft of new projects for 2017 and beyond. The latest of which comes in the form of The Black Hand, a novel written by Stephen Talty that looks into organized crime in the early 1900s.

Producing a brand new reboot of Captain Planet, the 42-year old will do likewise for this picture under his Appian Way banner. Though a screenwriter still required. Centered around the story of NYPD detective Joseph Petrosino, a man who fought kidnapped children for money, DiCaprio is expected to play the lead role. A main character that is known as the Italian version of Sherlock Holmes.

Boyle Regrets Opting For Leo Over Friend Ewan

Leonardo DiCaprio The Beach

Following on from his stardom from Titanic, filmmaker Danny Boyle was pressured to cast a young DiCaprio over his Trainspotting friend Ewan McGregor in the 2000 movie The Beach. Overtaking the Scotsman for the running of the indie flick. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Boyle and McGregor they wished they had resolved their differences and not allowed a 9-year hiatus to come between them.

“I handled it very badly and I’ve apologized to Ewan,” Boyle remarked. “It was a misunderstanding and a mishandling of a situation,” McGregor agreed. “It’s a big regret of mine that it went on for so long, and a real shame we didn’t work together all those years. I had been in Danny’s first three films, and then I wasn’t asked to be in his fourth, The Beach. But it wasn’t really about the film, it was about our friendship.”

Outlining that personal ego got in the way of their relationship, Boyle recalled his feelings and regret over the matter.

“You think you’re moving up. It’s the illusion that you think you’re moving up, therefore you‘re going to need a bigger star to sell the movie. You learn to stick with your roots.” Boyle admitted then that he “gave Ewan the impression we were going to cast him in it, and we didn’t cast him in it.”

Cameron Shatters 20 Year Titanic Myth


Speaking to The Daily Best, director James Cameron said that the people at MythBusters were completely off the mark as they supposedly proved that DiCaprio's Jack character could have fit on the floating piece of wood together with Kate Winslet. As Titanic makes it's twenty year anniversary in 2017, the filmmaker was having none of their opinion on the matter.

"You’re Jack, you’re in water that’s 28 degrees, your brain is starting to get hypothermia," Cameron argued. "MythBusters asks you to now go take off your life vest, take hers off, swim underneath this thing, attach it in some way that it won’t just wash out two minutes later — which means you’re underwater tying this thing on in 28-degree water, and that’s going to take you five to 10 minutes, so by the time you come back up you’re already dead."

Source: Collider, The Daily Beast, Vanity Fair