Keanu Reeves Talks John Wick: Chapter 2, Fight Scenes And Reuniting With Matrix Co-Star

John Wick: Chapter 2 promises to be one of the best pure action films in 2017. Debuting on February 10 in the United States and a week later on February 17 in the U.K., the blockbuster is garnering a lot of media attention in the lead up to the red carpet event.

Sitting down with Cosmic Book News, the 52-year old talked about the character in depth, what was required to fulfill the physical requirements and how it was working with a number of new faces.

"I really enjoyed playing John Wick," started Reeves, "and making the film. I love the training, I love the process and it's a very satisfying role for me, it's a pleasure to play. So I feel very lucky to go to work everyday."

Starting From Where We Left Off

Keanu Reeves as John Wick

Without the need for prolonging anytime following the 2014 original, Reeves indicates that this will be very much a case of picking up where we left the character last.

"Where does this story start? So let's get his car back! The film opens with John getting his car back and in terms of exploring the mythology, we're king of continuing it, we're going deeper into it," he remarks. "Chad (Stahleski director) has a lot of ... you know, what are the connections, what is the world of The Continental? We go international with The Continental, we bring in the idea of the high table that is beyond the layer of The Continental."

Is there any point of difference for Reeves between the first and the second, or should we expect more of the same?

"I think what we're doing in this second film is exploring the difference or line between John and John Wick," replied the actor. "It's really made a point in the story and investigating that, you know. It's about the suit, it's about the life he re-buries, he's trying to protect John. John the man who is a civilian, John the man whose a husband. That life that is outside the John Wick world which is the assassin."

Not A Young Pup Anymore

Few 52-year olds are out riding bikes, performing their own stunts and jumping out of buildings and explosions, but Reeves said it was just a matter of endurance and stamina.

"You have to do longer takes, the expectation is longer takes. That's demanding, it's really demanding as fighting goes. Longer takes - it adds to complexity, footwork, cooperation. It's been cool to train with Common and Ruby to try and, you know, get the dance."

Talking about the recruitment process, Reeves said that he and his director were on the same page as they cast a familiar face.

"Yeah we had this... this role The Bowery King and Chad was right away, you know, Laurence Fishburne and for me to have the chance to have, you know when I heard that I was like 'yeah!' He's such an amazing actor and he and I were made friends when we worked with each other on The Matrix. So to get the chance to act with him was special and he's just amazing."