Karen Gillan Shows Off Sexy Outfit on Jumanji Set

The Jumanji sequel is currently filming and Kevin Hart couldn't contain his excitement. It looks like Columbia Pictures gave the actor permission to post a photo from the production showing our lead cast in outfit. Dwayne Johnson looks exactly as was conceptualized, while Kevin Hart looks absolutely hilarious.

He is so tiny when standing next to The Rock. It's just mean.

The photo also gives us our first glimpse of Jack Black and Karen Gillan. While everybody looks great, Karen Gillan's character Martha will be the one turning heads. Giving her a Lara Croft-type outfit, she is an er, arousing character.

If you are unsure of how you know that name, Gillan has a number of films (and even more TV projects) under her belt including Guardians of the Galaxy. If you can't remember a red-headed stunner in the Marvel adaptation, that's because she was bald at the time. Queue photo...

Kevin Hart's Instagram Shows Off Jumanji Cast

Karen Gillan as Nebula

Without Robin Williams, we knew the next Jumanji was going to take some liberties on the original. One such liberty seems to be the shying away from the family genre. Unless of course Columbia Pictures is expecting a theater full of teenage boners. But I digress...

Kevin Hart's Instagram post (below) does feature some positive hype with statements like, "Cast & crew was beyond amazing!!!!," and "This movie is going to be dope as hell...." But what stands out is the photo itself.

Jumanji with Karen Gillan

The image conveys more of an Indiana Jones-style adventure based on the jungle setting and outfits. And, speaking of outfits, Karen Gillan looks pretty smoking. Not sure much good that outfit is going to do against stopping mosquitoes or preventing scratches from er, the bush, but the eye candy effect is on point. Give it a look.

While this is sure to raise some eyebrows from audiences that can be stamped with "sensitive", I'm into it. But I'm a dude, so....

In all fairness, Dwayne Johnson's exposed cleavage is much lower than Karen's, so take that ladies.

Update: Karen Gillan went to her Twitter to post a better version of the photo and her own take on the outfit.