Justice League 2 and The Batman Script In Development Now

He might only have a glorified cameo coming up for the 2017 Justice League installment, but veteran actor J.K. Simmons apparently has his finger on the pulse when it comes to script news within the DCEU. Portraying Gotham's Commissioner Gordon for the ensemble picture, Simmons outlined to Total Film Magazine that the sequel is being crafted this very minute, intimating that studio executives are confident and bullish about the crossover title's prospects.

What we can glean already from the feature that will open on November 17 is a shorter release time of 121 minutes, breaking the extravaganza into at least two parts. This development is seemingly in conjunction with Matt Reeves' standalone project The Batman, a film that should give Ben Affleck room to breathe and grow into the role.

JK: Much More Gordon In Batman and JL2

Justice League Movie

As Simmons opened up to the publication about the role, he clearly is looking for a movie that will give him more scope to operate. For the Whiplash star, he is less pumped up over Justice League but excited about what that casting will mean for the future.

"Well, Commissioner Gordon wears a trench coat in every scene, so I don't know that the 'pumped up' part is going to be all that evident, especially when you're standing next to Batman!" he remarks. "But this is the first Justice League movie - we hope - of a few. They're working on scripts for The Batman and for the next Justice League movie. It introduces my incarnation of Commissioner Gordon. I don't have a lot to do. I feel like I just dipped my toe in the water of who Commissioner Gordon will be."

There is a degree of prestige to take the Gordon role from someone as acclaimed as Gary Oldman. Simmons admits that the offer was too good to turn down and hopes he can put his signature on the character.

"That's an iconic thing, and obviously there are some very big shoes that I'm attempting to step into. Some really, really wonderful actors have played that part before. It's like all of a sudden everyone in London is doing Hamlet. Now it's my turn to be Gordon."

Less Than 2 Years Left To Wait For Shazam! Blockbuster

Shazam John Cena

While Justice League Part II and The Batman are in the scriptwriting workshop, director David F. Sandberg has given the press something tangible when it comes to his Shazam! blockbuster. John Cena was the latest name to be linked to the role and all things being equal, the studio has set aside 2019 to introduce the superhero to the DCEU realm.

"April 2019," he stated. "It takes a long time to make vfx heavy movies."

Principal photography is said to get underway early in 2018.

Source: Cosmic Book News, Cinemablend