Journalist Rants Against Ben Affleck Rep For Extreme Censorship

If there is one thing a journalist hates more than anything in this world, it is being told what questions to ask. When to ask it. And how to ask it. In a turn around for the books, KTLA's Sam Rubin wanted to make it known to the viewers of the Los Angeles television morning show how PC culture has infiltrated the press junket of Ben Affleck's new movie The Accountant.

Going on to unload on the immediate censorship and editing of an interview done with the actor this past week.

Rubin could not believe how sensitive the PR representative was when he was asking Affleck about topics that veered away from the movie. Explaining that the best soundbites from interviews with actors often come when the discussion centers on a topic that has nothing to do with the film in question. The accusations came flying during Rubin's segment and he spared no feelings or concerns for disclosure amid the ranting.

Affleck's Team Given A Dose Of Reality

The Accountant

Starting off his recap of the chat with the new Bruce Wayne, Rubin said, "the PR dope who is in the room actually interrupts us," was the main cause of the issues the interviewer had.

"They were taking out a remark he had actually made of his own freewill and cutting it out of the interview they were giving to somebody. Because they think you might not understand it, you might not get Ben's sense of humor, it might make him look bad."

"PR Dope" Could Cost Affleck KTLA's Future Coverage

Ben Affleck Interview for The Accountant

Had Rubin known the conditions under which he had to work with Affleck, he said that he would not have agreed to it had he had the hindsight beforehand.

"I would never have gone to your junket," blasted Rubin. "I would never have been involved with promoting a movie that's trying to censor reporters covering the movie... You'll never hear me mention this movie ever again."

That sounds as much a promise as a threat, and perhaps Affleck will choose his representatives at a junket more carefully in future.