Josh Gad Hints At Penguin Role In DCEU

We have not see a live-action adaptation of the classic DC villain Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot since Danny DeVito's depiction in 1992's Batman Returns. Small in stature but big on wrecking havoc in the city of Gotham, Penguin stands as one of the truly unique characters in the superhero realm. With no great physical attributes to speak of, he is an odorous creature. And, aside from the Joker, one of Batman's great nemesis.

Could we be seeing his inclusion again for the DCEU? We will if Josh Gad has any say on the matter. The 36-year old this week tweeted out an image of the comic book character, grappling a bird with one hand and holding aloft his umbrella in the other as he grimaces, "make me!"

But is Gad made of the right material and do Warner Brothers want to reboot the villain?

Gad Would Require Huge Transformation To Convince As Cobblepot

It will take much more than makeup for Gad to become the real essence that is Penguin. Having a background in musicals, comedies and classical dramas, we have yet to see the Florida native embrace his dark side.

There is a sadistic nature and tone to Penguin, characteristics that many would not align with Gad's bright and bubbly personality. From his voiceover work in Ice Age: Continental Drift to Frozen, The Wedding Ringer, Pixels and Beauty and the Beast, Gad has remained firmly inside the lanes he feels comfortable operating in.

It is a bold move to make the link himself on social media, so the interest on the side of Warner Brothers and DC will be intriguing to watch.

Director: WW Is Iconic and Deserves A Movie for 2017

Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman

Sitting down for an interview with Sci Fi Now, filmmaker Patty Jenkins opened up about DC's headline heroine. Without an installment of her own in years, why has Wonder Woman been so maligned for so long?

"The only thing I can think of is that the genre became synonymous with young men, and so I think there was a concern that they wouldn't be as interested in a female lead and it's taken years for that to sort itself out." she argued. That's all it comes down to... For many years, I was asking the question you're all asking: Why is no one making this movie? In America, look at Halloween: there are hundreds of people dressed as Wonder Woman every year. She's got a huge fanbase, so why aren't we doing this?"

We are now! Wonder Woman premieres in the US on June 2, 2017.

Source: Cinemablend