John Wick: Chapter 2 Director Wants James Bond Gig, Keanu Reeves Looks To Chapter 3

The star of Chad Stahelski is rising by the day with the director leading the charge for John Wick: Chapter 2. Using a unique mixture of high adrenaline action sequences with an unashamed level of ferocity and intimacy, the filmmaker believes he has what it takes to transition those skills to James Bond.

With 007 in something of a state of flux due to Daniel Craig's seeming reluctance to continue in the role, Stahelski explained to MovieWeb that he would love nothing more than to jump at the chance if it was offered. In the wake of universal praise for his work on the sequel, he would be as good a candidate as any.

Time Is Right To Reinvent Bond For Chad

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Striking the balance between the narrative that has provided James Bond with so much longevity but offering something fresh, Stahelski already has ideas in his head for what he would do, should he get the opportunity.

""I'm interested in projects where you can world create," he remarked. "To jump back into somebody else's world where it's already been around for so long would be scary. But if there was one property, that wouldn't be a bad one to try and invest yourself. Especially because of the ebb and flow of the Bond universe right now, I think the timing is good for a slight reinvention with a different perspective shift. Bond has gone from completely serious to totally cheeky to really fun again, to emotional, to serious, to internal, to external. I would love to give the pitch and if they got my wacky version of it, and it fit, yeah. That's almost a dream too big."

The Audience Will Decide If There Is A John Wick: Chapter 3

In the void of any hard and fast plans by the studio to go for a third time round, Keanu Reeves told EW that the call was out of his hands as he remains hopeful of a third installment.

“Absolutely,” says the actor. “I love the character and the world. Whether or not I get the chance to do another chapter is really up to the audience. If they enjoy what we did — and hopefully they do, fingers-crossed, I really dig it — but if they do enjoy it, then I’ll have the chance to continue the story of the character and the world.”

While that hopefully doesn't spoil too much of the outcome of John Wick: Chapter 2, the actor argues that the stakes are as high as they've been for the assassin who has to navigate his way around some killing machines.

“When we last left John Wick he was going off into the sunset — the moonset — with him and his dog,” states Reeves. “John Wick 2 takes place maybe five days after that. Big picture, the story is about someone from John’s past calling in what we call a marker. And basically, if John doesn’t do (what the holder of the marker wants), he dies. If he kills the person who holds his marker, I die because of the rules of the Continental. John is on a mission to reclaim his life again. To me, it’s about John Wick fighting for John.”

Source: MovieWeb, EW