Report: James Bond To Tie the Knot In 25th Installment Shatterhand

Now that Daniel Craig has re-signed for the James Bond franchise after weeks, months and years of speculation, a new twist has been revealed for 007 - or so it has been reported. Movie number 25, titled Shatterhand, is set to have the secret agent do something completely against type and reputation - get married.

But do not for one minute believe that is the end of the line for the character having left Her Majesty's Secret Service. Craig's fifth title will be a follow on from his last work in <strong>Spectre where screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are said to be adapting Raymond Benson's 2001 novel Never Dream of Dying.

Love, Death and Completing Unfinished Business For JB

Spectre's Daniel Craig

Page Six spoke with a source close to the production, and while they did not go into great detail about the plot or casting, they did provide a juicy take on the blockbuster.

"Bond quits the secret service, and he's in love and gets married," they explained. "His wife then gets killed... The film's like Taken with Bond."

With a November 8, 2019, release date inked in for the studio, this could suggest a limited budget for the director. Yann Demange leads that particular race. The potential of a gritty, grounded thriller would see the return of Christopher Waltz (Blofeld) and Dave Bautista (Mr. Hinx) attempt to take 007 down and if this description is on the money, one of them would likely be responsible for the murder.

Such an occurrence would drive Bond back to the service, mimicking the events of On Her Majesty's Secret Service where Tracy Draco was killed by Blofeld.

Driver Vouches For "Brilliant" Craig After Logan Lucky Experience

Adam Driver and Daniel Craig in Logan Lucky

Speaking with Sky News weeks after the international release of Logan Lucky, Adam Driver opened up on his rapport with co-star Craig. Given the reluctance of the actor to rejoin a franchise that has made him a household name, how would he characterise the Englishman?

"Daniel Craig is a brilliant actor," he remarked. "He's everything you kind-of hope for...he is just the embodiment of someone who has his own way of working that's very inclusive. He is not someone who is isolated on set, but at the same time has a really respectful way of taking ownership of getting in to character, but is totally available and un-precious with what it is he is doing. He is not married to anything. Take after take, it's something different but if there is such a thing as right, it's right, in the right direction. And he couldn't be a more generous person to be around."

Driver himself has experienced a similar rise to stardom following his role as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Having the added media attention and commitments to juggle, he would not give his newfound stardom up for anything.

"I've had some time off this past couple of months, because I haven't had a break in a while and it's good to take a break," Driver outlined. "So I haven't really thought about the things I got to work on. Then I started to think about it and like 'is it worth it?' And it's not even worth trying to analyse it. I've been very - extremely - lucky with the people I've got to work with."

Source: Page Six, Sky News