Did Joe Manganiello Just Reveal Batman’s New Sidekick?

Either Joe Manganiello was having a bit of fun at the Mohegan Sun's 20th anniversary comedy gala, or we've just been given a huge piece of information. So huge that, if true, it will surely break the internet.

As the DC universe delves deeper with Ben Affleck's The Batman following on from Justice League, talk has been awash with rumors and innuendo about a sidekick for the caped crusader. Whether that be Robin or someone of similar ilk and standing.

Using his Instagram account, the 39-year old star of Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL posted a picture of himself standing curiously side-by-side with actress Anna Kendrick. To get the people buzzing even more, he accompanied the image with the description: "#Deathstroke and #Robin #MoheganSun20."

#Deathstroke and #Robin #MoheganSun20

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Will Kendrick Portray Carrie Kelly In Batman?

The bottom line is - we don't know! Maganiello could be pulling everyone's leg. And, if that is the case, well played sir. But what a way to kick things off if this was to happen. No one would have envisaged Anne Hathaway taking part in a key femme fatale role for The Dark Knight Rises, a Christopher Nolan environment. And heaven knows this particular franchise could do with a lighter touch.

Carrie Kelly starts as a 13 year old girl who Batman saves from a mutant gang. From that point she idolizes the man. Bruce Wayne/Batman then eventually decides to take on board his newest protégé after she saves his life, causing them to form a bond not too dissimilar to Robin.

DC Could Be Jumping On Marvel Territory

Anna Kendrick Robin Batman

The long awaited Marvel flick Squirrel Girl could end up being apart of the Marvel extended universe and Anna Kendrick has long been thought of as the ideal woman to bring that character to life. That hype amped up another level when Kendrick herself said she would be eager to join Marvel in some capacity. And, drawing the dots, it looked like this was a deal that was good to go.

But in this business - you snooze, you lose. There is precedent for DC to announce casting through social media, notably Brie Larson and Joe Manganiello himself. So they have form in this regard. Plenty will be quizzing the actress until it is addressed as either a hoax, or some tasty news to dine out on.