Jamie Foxx Channels Mel Gibson In New Film Sleepless

10 seconds is a short space of time to create a lasting impression. But Jamie Foxx has done his bit for the upcoming flick Sleepless with the release of the trailer. The 48-year old is showing no signs of slowing down as he nears the 50 mark. Pumping up the action sequences as he looks to put his take on the revenge genre similar to the likes of Keanu Reeves in John Wick, Liam Neeson in Taken and Mel Gibson in Payback.

Foxx Goes Badass for Sleepless

Jamie Foxx in Sleepless Trailer

With the actor uttering out the only piece of dialogue in the trailer teaser from yesterday - "if you touch my son, I'll kill you," the dark, gritty story will tell the tale of an undercover Las Vegas officer leaving no stone unturned. All as he tries to find his kidnapped son from a group of gangsters out to send a message.

This is very much a case of switching roles from the one he played in Collateral. Opposite Tom Cruise, he was an unlucky taxi driver caught between a rock and a hard place. But for all the points of difference between the Michael Mann production and this one, he will still be the one to cheer for when it hits cinemas in the spring of 2017. The tagline "Don't judge a cop by his cover," indicates this could be quite the rollercoaster. So buckle up!


Rumors Swirl About Foxx Tying The Knot With Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes at 4th Annual Apollo In The Hamptons Benefit

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes at the 4th Annual Apollo In The Hamptons Benefit - WireImage

If the action is coming thick and fast on the screen, then Jamie Foxx is keeping himself busy off it as well. Inquisitr reports that Cruise's former partner Katie Holmes is set to get married with the Django Unchained star in November. After dating for approximately 3 years, it looks like Foxx figured time to take it to the next level.

The secret nature of the couple is something unusual but perhaps this is where Tom Cruise and Scientology comes into the equation. Some believe the face of the Mission: Impossible franchise has only just recently given his blessing for the couple to officially get married. And it is because of this that the plans have accelerated. Seems like Collateral part 2 has been averted...