The Dark Tower Teases The Shining and IT Extended Stephen King Universe

The recent trailer that dropped this week for The Dark Tower was a long time coming. Pushed back a couple of months, we finally got to see what the action adventure title will look like. Pitting the gunslinging wits of Idris Elba (Roland) against the powerfully evil wizardry of Matthew McConaughey (Walter).

Making our Top 17 Action Movies You Must See In 2017 list, the Stephen King adaptation so happens to fall after the events of the final novel in the series. However, the two-and-a-half minute short gave us a couple of juicy Easter Eggs to ponder, connecting the scary worlds of The Shining and IT, a clown horror installment that is on the verge of releasing a 2017 reboot.

Did You Notice The Eggs? Pennywise Shown Front and Center

The Dark Tower Trailer

Having these little winks and nods gives Sony the chance to do crossover material down the line, although the tone of The Dark Tower could be too much of a contrast to ever work properly. But the IT villain Pennywise is given due recognition as Tom Taylor's character Jake Chambers wonders through a foggy landscape where he notices his disheveled sign from an old, abandoned carnival.

There are also a couple of floating balloons in the foreground, an added signature from the King creation that has a habit of eating small children. A 2017 IT remake premieres in the US on September 8 this year, but in the realm of Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema, the chances of Elba's gunslinger coming across Pennywise seems implausible, at least for the time being.

The Overlook Hotel Showcased On Bookshelf

Shining Easter Egg Dark Tower Trailer

The second Easter Egg that was portrayed in the trailer came in the form of The Overlook Hotel, referencing the location where Jack Nicholson's character Jack Torrance attempts to kill his wife and son in the 1980 horror The Shining. It is not seen as an actual location, but instead has a black and white image on the bookshelf of Chambers' psychologist.

This section occurs on Earth, so the links between the trio of movies could very well take place as Chambers jumps from his surroundings to where The Dark Tower is situated. Traveling between portals that connect various universes solves a number of plot holes.

The final Egg that was less evident would come in the form of King's book The Crimson King. McConaughey's The Man in Black goes to tap on a graffiti wall which simply reads, "All hail The Crimson King."

Source: MovieWeb