James Gunn: Whole New Crew for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4

The news that James Gunn was going to return for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 surprised no one. Having directed and wrote the second installment ahead of a US premiere on May 5, the franchise has been considered the filmmaker's baby from the original in 2014.

But Marvel and Gunn are already putting the building blocks in place by the time this trio of movies are complete. Seeing a whole new cast take on the Original Guardians of the Galaxy that pre-dates the current series, the 46-year old told the Toronto Sun this week that a new wave in the MCU is set to hit in time for Vol. 4.

GotG Vol. 3 Closes A Chapter, Vol. 4 Opens A New One: Gunn

Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

From Star-Lord to Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon, the current dynamic is a winner on the action and comedy stakes. Yet the director told the publication that a fresh cast will be sought after as the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Miley Cyrus, Ving Rhames, Michelle Yeoh and Michael Rosenbaum are introduced into the franchise.

"I think the first three movies tell a single story and that story is pretty simple," he started. "I think that there could be a Guardians Vol. 4, but it would not be the same. It would not be the same group... basically the story of this group ends with Vol. 3."

MCU Want To See More Sly In Future MCU Adventures

Chris Pratt and Sylvester Stallone for Guardians of the Galaxy

Reported to be playing a character named StarHawk a.k.a. Stakar of the House of Ogord, Sylvester Stallone's introduction into the MCU is said to pave the way for a greater role in the new spinoff of titles. Already at 70-years of age, it will be interesting to see how physical his role will be for a movie that is beyond any type of release date in the near future.

"My plan is to see more of him," Gunn said of Stallone. "I'm not sure about him appearing in Vol. 3, we'll have to see about that, but it's our plan to see more of Stallone. Kevin (Feige) and I are working on what is going to become of the Marvel Cosmic Universe and where it's going to go. We plan to see the rest of them in the future. I will be helping to plant the seeds that will lead to the next decade. I'm helping to decide what projects we'll be pursuing outside of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3... and what the next cosmic characters we will focus on. It's my plan to have Sly, and I talked to him last night, to find a place for him in the future of the Marvel Universe."

Source: Toronto Sun