Jack Nicholson Returns After 7-Year Hiatus With Kristen Wiig

An English-language remake of Toni Erdmann has managed to achieve what no other studio executive or casting agent has for 7 long years. Secure the services of the one and only Jack Nicholson. The 79-year old was thought to be enjoying his retirement indefinitely following the 2010 drama comedy How do You Know. But he is now back in a motion picture alongside Saturday Night Live favorite and Ghostbusters star Kristen Wiig for the fresh adaptation.

Wiig will double her duties as a producer with her Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues co-star Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Jessica Elbuam from Gloria Sanchez Productions. The original writer-director of the first picture Maren Ade will act as an executive producer in the same capacity as Jonas Dornbach and Janine Jackowski.

German Flick Universally Popular

Toni Erdmann

Maintaining a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the 2 hour 42 minute German extravaganza is already regarded as a classic in Europe. As the comedy stylings of Wiig, Ferrell and Nicholson attempt to translate that to an American audience. Peter Simonischek and Sandra Huller starred in the picture that told the story of a father who goes to the trouble of creating a CEO/life coach alter ego. All in hopes to reconnect to her daughter.

The title is up for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film this year, indicating the success of the screenplay. Nicholson reportedly searched out Brad Grey from Paramount with the idea of creating an adaptation. With the soon-to-be 80-year old being a big fan of the 2016 German edition.

Waiting For The Right Moment To Launch Comeback

The Departed Jack Nicholson

The Shining and Easy Rider star was not avoided by anyone in Hollywood. Far from the contrary. As the offers for various parts were dropped on his desk, only to pass on them for personal reasons and LA Lakers home games. The veteran actor was offered the role of Robert Downey Jr.'s father in the 2014 drama The Judge. But, as we know, he passed on the position that his compatriot Robert Duvall would later fill.

While Kristen Wiig will be working with Nicholson's co-star from The Departed in Matt Damon for the 2017 drama comedy Downsizing, Jack has grown far more selective in his elder years. All while he picks and chooses roles that appeal to his unique comic sensibilities. Nicholson also happened to pass on a role that Harrison Ford would take for the sports drama 42, playing the title role of Brooklyn Dodgers baseball manager Branch Rickey.

Source: Variety