Is Ben Affleck About To Quit DC and Batman Altogether?

If DC films and Warner Brothers thought they were in trouble before this week, then they could be in for an enormous shock to the system. On the eve of Wonder Woman and Justice League attempting to revive the franchise. With installments that have taken key lessons from the failures of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there is strong speculation that the caped crusader in Ben Affleck could quit and walk away from the series.

Should this become official, it would be keeping with a trend of the 44-year old becoming jaded and pessimistic about his role in DC. Deciding that the director's chair was not for him in The Batman ahead of Matt Reeves' potential inclusion, news that the Argo and The Town star is contemplating a clean cut altogether would throw the entire operation into a state of confusion and chaos.

Is Ben In Or Out? Outlook Not Promising

Ben Affleck Batman

Speaking on Collider Movie Talk, co-host John Campea opened up about a thread of discussions he had with a number of people inside the production. Prefacing the comments to explain that nothing was guaranteed, the hints around his attitude towards DC does not fill those around him with confidence.

"They're telling me Ben Affleck, make no mistake, he does want out," remarked Campea. "He doesn't want to be Batman anymore...I have been told that Affleck is talking with Warner Brothers in an attempt to get out of being Batman. And if they do not let him out of being Batman, that the standalone Batman film that ultimately happens will be the last time we see Affleck as Batman."

So even in the worst case scenario event for Affleck fans, he will feature for at least two more films. How much further he goes beyond that will largely depend on the fans reaction to his work. That, and his interpretation over the quality of the work following a shaky start.

No Sidekick Role For Brother Casey

Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea

Taking universal praise for his role in the drama Manchester By the Sea, younger sibling Casey Affleck has put a bright red pen through the idea that he could play Robin in the DC world. Dropping a big hint that we will see his sidekick in some shape or form, the actor categorically ruled out joining the fold as John Blake.

"I think that part has already been played," said Affleck to the Metro. "It’s been set up. It’s been established in the last Batman. They mix it up a lot... It hasn’t been offered to me. No I don’t think I want to do that."

Source: CB, Metro