Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Set To Join Wonder Woman Cast?

Whether he is getting into a Twitter stoush with the President of the United States or fronting a dramatic thriller, life is never dull for Arnold Schwarzenegger. That is why the news of his potential casting for Wonder Woman will not come as a major shock. Well, at least to those that have followed the peaks and troughs of his incredible career in entertainment and public life.

The former California Governor is currently hosting NBC's rebooted The New Celebrity Apprentice, taking over from the POTUS and receiving his ire in the process. His addition would certainly make for intriguing viewing were it true. But the details of which are anything but official at this juncture as the film prepares for a June 2, 2017 debut.

Big Arnie Another DC Bad Guy?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

There are a number of reasons why Schwarzenegger will not feature in Wonder Woman. From his packed schedule, no evidence of him being on set, to the fact that he has his new employer NBC to keep happy. But as Batman News indicated, the 69-year old was followed by director Patty Jenkins and DC Film chief Geoff Johns in quick succession online. Opening up the possibility that the trio have a newly established working relationship.

Perhaps they are just a fan of his work and want to keep track of each other? This snippet does lend itself to a few pertinent questions on the subject.

Schwarzenegger took part in the 1997 flop production that was Batman & Robin. Where he took on the role of Dr. Victor Fries. Playing the horrendously bad Mr. Freeze, a character that was more consumed by making terrible puns than taking over Gotham City, the publication suggests that he could be voicing the villain Ares as part of a smaller CGI part.

Delving Into His Dramatic Side For 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger Aftermath

The Lionsgate movie Aftermath won't be released in theaters until April 7, 2017, but the trailer dropped last week illustrates a change of pace for the big brute of an action hero. The man himself has often played down his own acting abilities in the past, but the drama originally titled 478 will expose a vulnerable and emotionally charged Viktor (Schwarzenegger). A character that tracks down the man responsible for overlooking a passenger plane that crashes to leave no survivors.

With a budget of just $10.5m, the Elliott Lester picture is sure to gain a lot of traction ahead of it's debut later in the year. Yet it is the role of Ares that would make more headlines, coming back to a franchise that he would surely want another crack at.

Source: Batman News